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mod help

  1. S

    Help with creating a league.

    I'm creating a Bosnian football league and I'm interested in how to set up qualifying spots for certain European cups from different positions. For example, the 6th-place team in La Liga enters the Europa Conference League, while teams from 4th to 1st places enter the Champions League. I would...
  2. R

    Does anyone have this mod? i need for PES 2013

    Pes 2013 UCL and UEL 2016 Graphic by A. Deniz is the name, its a patch for just the scoreboards and graphics for the game, i can't find any working links for it. Its frustrating, if anyone had it, please send
  3. C

    Need help with editing Stadium

    What do I do to edit the properties of a stadium? Im currently trying to make a Camp Nou Mod by replacing villamarin in fifa 23 and I want to edit the seat colours and branding from real betis to Barca. If anyone could help me out that would be appreciated Thank you :)
  4. J

    DB Converter isn't working

    One thing I wanted to do was work on a mod of NHL 10 that replaces the Czech and German leagues with the KHL and some new international teams. Now, why am I asking about an ice hockey video game in a soccer forum? Well, that's because one of the tools needed for the mod, myfifa2005 DB...
  5. F

    Please help using mod manager

    So when I try to use my mods I always get the error that there isn't permission to enter fifamoddata or whatever. I have tried deleting the file myself, automatically deleting it when clicking run, I can't make mod manager an administrator (when the app pops up the option "Run as Administrator"...