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So you mean this texture file works directly in your F14 and doesn't show up as black?
Yo this is how it works

FIFA 14 21-01-2023 18_05_49.png
FIFA 14 21-01-2023 18_05_56.png
FIFA 14 21-01-2023 18_06_07.png


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Tool with multiple options for editing Textures & Models for various games,
quick-convert all your rx3 files !
+ exclusive options (like logo/minis import) for fifa 11 !

Latest tool version :

Download Here (date 13/11/2022) New Version !

Features :
- Textures
* All rx3 texture formats (from all games) supported: Convert/import/export textures
* Rx2 texture formats supported: Export/convert textures from FIFA 07/08/euro08/09 (Xbox360)
* Formats supported: A8R8G8B8, GREY8, GREY8ALFA8, DXT1, DXT3, DXT5, ATI1, ATI2, A32B32G32R32F
* Big/little endian textures supported
* Tiled textures (rx2) supported
* Volume/cubic/faced-textures supported (dds export)
* Export/Import in dds/png/tga/hdr/ktx
* Add rx3 templates for any game
* Automatic sizing/Formats options
* various other options: Remove transparant, copy name table, ...

- Models
* Convert from: any rx3 + rx2 (UEFA CL 06–07/FIFA 07/08/euro08/09 - XBOX360)
* Convert to: any rx3
* Convert what: balls (any), shoes (any rx3), faces, body (some)
* Automatic/manually moving/scaling: example head placements on body
* Automatic NeckType Changing
* Recalculate (vertex) Normals
* Create empty rx3 ball template files, for use in blender !
* CFC support: Export/Import vertices to blender (based on jor1980' scripts: credits to him! )

- Kit Numbers
* Color RGB templates (based on teamkits table)
* generate specific kitnumbers (from teamkits table)

- FIFA 11
* Hair texture convert (New fifas to FIFA 11)
* Haircolours: Fix name table
* Generic haircolours: color RGB templates (FIFA 21 colors)
* Shoes: Fix to create new format (1 file with 2 textures)
* Directly convert rx2 to rx3 (FIFA 11), without templates: example stadiums, files with changing number of textures (glares)
* Artassets: Import mini-kits, mini-faces, team-logos, Countryflags from dds (with auto sizing to FIFA 11 formats)
* Stadiums: Fix Collisions & Material-Names

- Other
* Color: Change RGBA channels
* Change player/team ids, based on a change-list, at lists or filenames
* Decompress / Compress Files: Chunkzip, Chunkref, 10FB, ...
* Create a filelist

* Color Function
* Renaming Function

* All known Skeletons-sheet : here

* tokke001 (program)
* Dmitri, Beedy (research)
* Rinaldo, jor1980
* Skoczek, Lagwagon93
* Re_coded, chesfunk, asr2001totti, DoradoOroOro, valambrosio2, xulang, Sanyasoccer92, Papinho81 (Testing/support)
* support from the forum !
I am currently experiencing problems with this version. When I resize something into a smaller size and have the software reimport the resized image into the rx3 , it does not work.
Or if I reduce the size of the hair textures and reimport them into the rx3, the software instead of reimporting them into the rx3, it created a new rx3 file when in fact I already had one .
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Hello everybody! I have a problem with head model/face. I converted head mode, face, hair textures, hair model from FIFA 14 to FIFA 13, but in the game there are distortions with the face. Is there any way to fix this? (I used latest version of FIFA Converter)


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Excuse Me @tokke001 How To Fix This, Is That Bcs The Hair File Error or What? I Have No Idea
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because of all the errors u have:
i think:
* you selected the wrong games (from FIFA 16 to fifa 14)


* the hairmodel has a wrong format, because of bad edits to it
it may be this: