FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch™ Legacy Edition (Extract)


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If there is a way to do the action on all the socks, I can convert them all
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@robmar85 Is there a special trick to covert the socks cause when I use your PS action file on a Switch sock texture it stops in the middle cause it can't find a specific selection or LEFT ORG :(


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You're doing something wrong. Try just like in the movie:



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Do someone know maybe :
If there are generic 3d beard types at fifa 22 switch (generic beard models, not textures)?

At fifa 21 switch it wasnt i think ...


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you didn't answer mate. is there any way we can finally convert FO4/Switch jersey files?
ah sorry, for that

from switch isnt possible,
the FO4 skeleton might be more similar to FIFA 16 i think: worth a try
but u need to fix 2 things then :
1. conversion (correct animations)
2. naming of files: the FO4 files arent named, but the files are probably in alphabetic order, so it might be possible to write a script

i ll try send you something in pm

body-files (original FO4 formats) here :
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