FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch™ Legacy Edition (Extract)


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Work well with my fifa 14 mod
including the sleeves in the main kits of the hibernian, aberdeen, heart, those of the Scottish league itself, because the kits work well as I mentioned only the shirt sleeves do not look as it should


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14 and 16 kits are same.

You probably not have correct socks in game because switch have different rx3 kits structure

Arsenal switch kit in game

and how socks should look

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Can someone help me? Could someone let me know if there is somewhere teaching to change the color of hair in textures in Photoshop?


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Hello everyone. I have prepared two scripts to convert shirts and socks to the FIFA 16 format.

Photoshop file for convert shirt:

Photoshop file for convert socks: 22 Nintendo Switch Version to FIFA 16 Convert Socks.atn/file

After converting the socks, the created file should be copied and pasted onto the texture with shorts, and then set the position to: 512x93 pixels.
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I haven't tested it yet, but it seems to me that if we upload the rx3 file (swich version) and copy the coordinates, then upload the rx3 file after converting to the fifa 14/16 format and paste the coordinates, everything should be fine. Logo, name, numbers etc.


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I checked these coordinates for the kits. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like I thought.
The solution is very easy
1. Extracting textures.
2. Resize the socks to 730 x 189 px and place the top and middle of the shorts fabric.
3. Importing materials to FIFA 14 kit RX3.
4. Copy the location coordinates from the original RX3 file to a new file.

You can also do it this way, it will be simpler.

1. Extracting shorts and socks.
2. Resize the socks to 730 x 189 px and place the top and middle of the shorts fabric.
3. Import short pants textures.