FIFA 2005 Controls and Gamepads Thread


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What can be a problem that right stick isn't working ?
I had Thrustmaster FIrestorm Dual Power 3 gamepad..:(


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I have posted this in another post...

I used to say the same , until I read and then seen from EA's own words. EA do NOT release beta's , what they release is a Demonstration of the final game.


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This is basically a demo version of the beta game. Chances are that the full version won't have major changes, but you can count on more controller options in the final game.


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I used my Logitach wingman remote pads , and both right and left analog sticks work...

on my pad .. with ball A lob B pass C shoot Y I think is through ball a Z is sprint ..

And that is a joke the sprint , I know the game is played at times and walking pace and the a ligh jog then sprints but sometime get the ball and run at pace.. I used Z and I got a burst that lasted about 2/3yrds if that! off the ball I was trying to close in on a player i was pressing Z and nothing? but even on the ball if its not hold down Z to sprint with the ball then its jabbing the Z button but after the inital burst ( if ou can call it that ) nothing!


Originally posted by alou
Freestyle controls should be the same with first touch, shift + arrows.
yep 2 doesent even exist, i use regular Dual Action and its mervelous! :)


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damn I can't even good try to play as long I'm forced to use default controls :kader:

so which button is "sprint"? I pressed all buttons but nobody run (I'm using classic 10 buttons +2 directions + 2 analog sticks gamepad)

one interesting thing I noticed, my pad vibrations during penalty shootout when last penalty was performed (H)


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I solved problem on Dual Power 3 with not working right analog. Uninstall FFD drivers and then it work (for me)


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on my logitech wingman remote pads , the button above C is Spring (z) but as I have posted ... Sprint is a waste of time you get about a 2yrd burst holding it down or tabbing the sprint button does not help ...


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Controls all messed up

I have logitech wireless rumble pad, any one know how to run fast? Also can we still pass the ball to space with Loop and regular pass. Hope that did not change.


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Re: Controls all messed up

Originally posted by bdincer
I have logitech wireless rumble pad, any one know how to run fast? Also can we still pass the ball to space with Loop and regular pass. Hope that did not change.

read the read-me file :crazyboy:



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I have the same , you have pressed it I bet and said to yourself that can't be it ....

For me it's the little button above C , it's the Z button..

but its not worth a $oss, you press it and you get a 2 yrd burst and thats it!

you can hold the button down or tab it all you want , after that small burst that's it...

I have even tried to use it on defenders to close the player on the ball down, a waste of time , the default run you get when moving the player with the left analog stick, that's you whack when defending...

That short burst you seen your player do when you were no doubt pressing any of the buttons barring the A B and C buttons, that is the sprint .......seems EA must believe that players can't run at speed for more than a yard or two .......


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for keyboard
fake shot = C+D
chip shot = ?
low hard cross = ?

skill move (so far i find out)
SHIFT = step over

SHIFT + U / SHIFT + D = duno how to explain :rolleyes:

SHIFT + L,D,R = duno how to explain (H)

SHIFT + L,U,R = duno how to explain :crazyboy:

SHIFT + ? = dancing, i did it with seedorf 1 time but i can't remember how

SHIFT + ? = 360, i saw computer did it by reyes but i duno how