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FIFA 2005 Controls and Gamepads Thread


Club Supporter
Logitech® Extreme™ 3D Pro

Due the fact that I am used to have a joystick for playing my games , I want to buy the Logitech® Extreme™ 3D Pro.
Am I wright that this is an analog stick?
Now I have the microsoft sidewinder stick , but that one is limited because it is digital.


Club Supporter
Dual action blows chunks...

I've owned several and had calibration issues for a long time.. with all gamepads.. tested on several systems..

Avoid this gamepad like the plague everyone

If you don't believe me.. go to logitechs user forums... 50% of all their complaints are about these gamepads..

They are the reason i'm looking for an alternative in the first place.

You have been warned!


Reserve Team
Logitech Dual Action Gamepad Jul 9, 2004 Julius M
Is the gamepad worth buying? I have heard so much negative feedback and I'm not sure if I should buy it. If not, what gamepad is worth it? I really only need it for madden.

Re: Logitech Dual Action Gamepad
Jul 10, 2004 andre Casali
NOOO, don't buy it. All those people complaining are teeling the truth. this pad is the worst ever and become useless after few days.
It's a total waste of money, buy something else...I'll never buy from Logitech again in my life, never!!

Re: Logitech Dual Action Gamepad
Jul 24, 2004 Robert Wilson
Definitely not. Don't buy this gamepad. I'm thinking about going back to best buy and putting a sign up over the pads for how bad they are. There isn't a fix for the calibration issue. It's got to be a hardware issue and Logitech just won't answer anyone back on how awful this thing is. In fact the only reason that I will hold onto mine is because I'm going to wait for the class action lawsuit against logitech for this piece..... Hmmm maybe you should buy one as a future investment during the pay off.
One very dissatisfied loyal logitech customer that was burned by them... Never again....

Re: Logitech Dual Action Gamepad
Aug 16, 2004 Alec Humes
The gamepad is horrible, it was good for 2 days, and ever since it's been useless. The solution Logitech offers for the calibration issue is to unplug, and replug the controller, that lasts for a good ten monutes. Not going to touch a logitech product ever again, I've been telling everyone I know the same.

Re: Logitech Dual Action Gamepad
Aug 19, 2004 leeds onethousand
I've had this exact same problem. The pad worked fine for a few days, then failed. I got a replacement one, same problem. I got yet another replacement one a few months ago and it has worked flawlessly since. Seems like a lot of people have this problem, but it also seems that this problem is resolved for people who got the pad (or a replacement one) recently?


Reserve Team
I use saitek p2500 I have to profile the pad before I play fifa 2004 coz ingame controls cant be changed let all hope they change this


Reserve Team
LOL na keyboard is poo cant use it for Fifa wanna use saitek p2500 but its not in list :| who else has this pad?

The following gamepads are also supported:
Logitech WingMan Rumblepad USB
Logitech WingMan Cordless Rumblepad USB
Logitech WingMan Action Pad
Logitech Rumblepad 2
Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2
Logitech Dual Action 2

Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad USB
Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad Pro USB
Microsoft Sidewinder Free Style Pro
Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike USB

MP-8866 Dual USB converter
Joytech PS2(R) to USB Controller Convertor (needs 2 PS2(R) controllers plugged in)

Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Analog 2
Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Power 3
Thrustmaster FireStorm Digital 3
Thrustmaster FireStorm Dual Analog 3
Thrustmaster Firestorm Wireless

Saitek P220 Digital Pad
Saitek P880 Twin Analogue Pad
Saitek P2000
Saitek P2500 PC Rumble Force Pad
Saitek P3000 Wireless Pad & Docking Station

Gravis Eliminator Gamepad Pro

Speed-Link Bullfrog Pad SL-6540


Starting XI
Morpheus my pad isn't on the official list and it works well (Media-Tech Dual Shock)
I can't play games at keyboard, gamepads are for games, keyboards are for typing ;)


Reserve Team
Does fifa 2005 support Logitech Dual Action ,, wtf is this stuff about Logitech Dual Action 2

wat is the 2 ?? i did a search on Logitech Dual Action 2
and just comes up with the original Logitech dual action, nothing about the 2nd one


Reserve Team
Hey, people, dribling is done with right analogue stick or not ?

Because i don't know is First touch working or not..:(


Club Supporter
Yeah.. I seriously hope there is some way of remapping the keys/buttons this time around.

I have a PS2 to USB converter and use my dual shock 2 controller. It works, both sticks no less, but the button mappings are horribly off. With FIFA 2004 (and Euro 2004) I was able to go in and edit a text file (config.csv I think) that had all the game controllers and their button layouts and create an entry for mine.

Unfortunately this years go around, I can't find a similar file with the demo to edit. Anybody know if this is buried somewhere else? Possibly a binary file now instead of just text??

Other than that, I like the demo. Looks to be a great improvement over last years effort.

Peace out..