FIFA 2005 Controls and Gamepads Thread


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I read on gamespot that EA will have better gamepad support for this year's title.

Does anyone have any more information on this subject??

I've long been frustrated with the gamepad issue as have many others.. first i bought two Thrustmaster Dual Power 2 gamepads and the right analog stick didn't work because their drivers are screwy..

So then i bought the "recommended" Dual Analog gamepads from Logitech.. and like counless other people... i have been plagued with the gamepad losing calibration every few minutes so i have to unplug and replug the controller in and hope it works ever minute or so... very annoying..

So maybe they'll just add support for the Thrustmaster gamepad so that I can have a gamepad that stays calibrated and has a right analog stick that works..

otherwise i'll have to buy yet another gamepad..

In that case.. i'd like to know which work for people now or which will work in 2005... and by work i mean... has two analog sticks that stay calibrated and in which the right analog stick actually does what it is supposed to so you can use it to do proper moves (in this case the first touch system)



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I've TM FireStorm Dual Power 3 and in FIFA right analog doesn't work. But in other EA games ir works (NBA Live 2004, NHL 2004 etc.)


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wow i'm surprised at the lack of response... maybe nobody has a working gamepad for the pc..

now that would NOT surprise me.. it seems to be non existent.. :confused:


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you gotta buy a special $100 gamepad for FIFA 2005

without it it won't work, the gamepad is also made by EA

you may also get an experimental $500 gamepad that also helps you loose weight

you sit on it and you move your ass in different directions and thats where the players run, for example,if i shift my ass to the right the player will run to the right


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Some controls on 2005

For the first touch control you can either keep it close (something like shift + arrows for PC) or make a move towards a direction.

You can make a chip shot but also a fake shot to send the keeper on a direction.

In create a player, you have total control of appearance, abilities and statistics.

In Fifa Store, u collect points from anything (creating players, winning trophies etc.) and cash them with extra kits, jukebox trax etc.

I hope i'll soon have more to say about this and let u know.


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I didnt get it from there but i supose you are right, once they explained most features there.


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Ahhhhh I HATE it how you have to unlock kits, it is completely HORSESHlT! I dont mind unlocking miscellenous stadiums and tournaments, but kits are necessery in order to have smoother gameplay.

Not happy.......


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OK, i have some new stuff as for the controls of the new game, gathering data i found here and there. Some might already know from the spanish video, but anyway:

When shooting / passing a meter apears in bottom of the screen. Keep button longer for greater speed / distance. Must not go to the red area though.

There is IGM (in game management) to make taktical changes during the game

When attacking, there are controls for:
Pass / header
Manual through ball
Lob cross
Early cross
Assisted through ball
Skill moves/first touch
Chip shot
Fake shot
low hard cross
Lobbed through ball

There is Tournament, Practice, Footaball fusion, Play Online, Create Player modes.

In Create Player, you select all details you want for the new player and then go to team information to assign him to a team and a position. You have to save and then you will find him on the team you selected.

Defending controls the same

Off the ball controls seem to be exactly the same.

Free kicks and corners the same.

Thats all i know, if anyone (specially u guys who said u already knew what i posted from spanish video) has anything to add, please do.


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thanks, i dont speak spanish so that helps a bit.

Does any one know if the same **** corners are in the game?

(What the ****, only 3 attackers in the box?)

Are they going to change it before the release of the game?

In the spanish video the corners look almost exactly the same....

Can someone tell me...


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in football fusion you can play tcm games in fifa. TCM is a football management game made by EA. you can play matches that you want in fifa.