Cyber Faces Converter Fifa11 Released


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Fifa 11 edition is going to take much much time to develop, it´s not going to be as "easy" as in the fifa 2004-2010 recycled crap times. So maybe it´s not wild to think the we will have to wait until mid 2011.


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victorelessar;2957408 said:
wheres jorge :-O

i think he´s away; i have taken a look at moddingway and 90% of the site´s content is dedicated to PES, so i don´t think we´re getting updates for his great tool too often.


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You´re on the wrong way, ´cause we´re working ever on the Tools, but we´ve not the time to make this job everytime in our live. We´ve a real live an this is sometimes cool sometimes hard.
Also think all this what we do is just an hobby.


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EDIT: i guess my prblem, was that i used finalbig to export all data3.big. somehow, it may have compressed the files diferently. when i used jorge's texture editor to export the files, i had it correct (almost sure that was the problem)


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Can someone help me??
I get this error

The tool used to work well for me till today. My os is Win 7 64 bit


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Will update this program? And is it possible to convert the face back?
Tried on Windows 7 64bit and Windows XP Sp2 32bit.


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Hi to all i have been very busy with my job in the last weeks but now i hope to have a few free time to update the tool.

i am sorry for this time out


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In my Blender (v2.50) i haven't cfc scripts.. is normal?
Any people can link the scripts? thank u

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hello ac12, please make a Milos Krasic face...or ask your staff Fifamania face makers....i have asked the comunity (on a single thread, not remember now!!) but nothing......
thanks in advance

special thanks to Cyber Faces Converter Fifa11 and jor1980!!!

best regards,
ac12;2960995 said:


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Any news!!!!

Jorge seguis laburando en esto!!! por que cuando inserto un hair cualquiera a otro jugador no toma el color de la textura del hair. Queda la textura negra opaca???


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You can say whatever you want about Blender and its amazing capabilities but Oedit was definitely better to edit faces, so far at this point only two or thre faces have been released since fifa 11 is out. :clapwap:


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help me friends...i've followed step to step but in blender and in rhino i can't see any 3d model, i've noted that cff that cyberfaces has created is 123 normal?? what is wrong??