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Classic Patch post 10's Expansion - V1 and Update Released

Do you prefer a db version with more 1 year clubs teams or 5 years from all decades in one db

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Youth Team
I have a problem.I made my teams in club db.In that db everything is working.I made a cmp with that teams and added it to the 2000s db,but when i want to play a match with that teams,the game is crashing.Do i need to do something else after adding a cmp?(in club db works,in 2000s db game is crashing)


Senior Squad
well, even if few things have been posted recently due to various reasons, like some other games exploration of possibilities, the project is still underway.

Copa America 2007 has been added too, with the great work of Ovide.

Some new advances and undergoing projects on the 2010's db with 1 year clubs are starting to advance quite nicely. Stay tuned.

But anyway, it has of course, some continuation project regarding @GIGGIRIVA last advances on original version


Senior Squad
A new version, AIO this time, is well on work and already well advanced, with quite changes and new things.

It had a huge delay since I took a time to analyze possibilities of newer games for maybe conversion but after all, it doesn't is worth of it.


Senior Squad
About CP 3.1 update, I always even recommend to use the files from my addon with original CP because it contains all fifa 21 generic faces and hair textures and models, so it gives a far away better quality on all the players with generic faces in Classic Patch base as well.


Senior Squad
To be honest, some plans have changed and here's the roadmap actual:

- Thanks to the great work planned from @Jbou41 , I will NOT loose time on making double work on missing UCL teams from 2010-11 until 2019-20, since he made them and will release, I will just make all addon compatible at this time.

- The Copa America editions are the roadmap of this year, since 2007 is done, I hope @ovide will still help for 2004 and 2001 soon.

- About national teams, a huge work is done and surprising thanks the great work on back from my friend @Bruno Passarelli and others.

- About clubs, two things: the idea of a 1 year Copa Libertadores editions is on studying, removing then the 5 years Amsud Clubs, I'm collecting materials and data for it, but it should be added with a great percentage.

Others clubs 1 years from other countries are either added or planned, regarding the project of CP team from @GIGGIRIVA