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Classic Patch post 10's Expansion - V1 and Update Released

Do you prefer a db version with more 1 year clubs teams or 5 years from all decades in one db

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Youth Team
speaking of preserving older threads for the add-ons to the classic patch... a merger between this one and Jbou´s would be amazing (even for the 2020´s with Copa America 2021)


Youth Team
@GIGGIRIVA i was just checking the thread again, and realized that Ovide posted a lot of kits for Copa America 2007... i know that it´s not a priority, but it could be great to test their quality and see if copa america 2007 and maybe 2004 are viable for the 2000´s DB (when you restart the copa america project in the future).
It mostly interests me since i believe copa america covers the slot of the confederations cup in older decades, and don´t know which slot would cover in the 90´s and 00´s db