Argentina vs. England {P & R}


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Omg...I didn't even know this match was going to happen. It is a friendly? Right...every Argentina vs. England isn't quite a friendly, if you do understand...=)


Rooney x2

I don't even know the lineups...whatever

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just wondering, is veron pretty much out of the picture with the national team?

there was an interesting article on bbc's website that mentioned veron having some rifts with other senior members (the article named sorin). would have been nice to see veron play this match.


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I don't see Veron playing for Argentina a s long as Pekerman is coach. But I read that Maradona pleaded with the NT to call up Veron so I hope that they listen


FFC2004 said:
if we don't win, i hope it's that score, so sven does go, otherwise we'll win this match :rockman:

That would be one of the worst moves ever. Why get rid of a manager less than a year before the WC? Years of preperation would go out of the window


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ForzaNerrazurri said:
Veron isnt up to par with the talent Argentina has right now :nape:

That is also true if you look at the Midfeilders who are used now you have the likes of

Lucho Gonzalez

I mean Veron is one of my all time fav. players but he is getting older and maybe is time is done withe the NT. But I would like to see him play once more


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andy said:
Veron represents the "failure" of 2002, I hope that he never plays for the NT again :kader:

Thats very simplistic from you, Veron is a World Class midfielder, he has 2 WC on his shoulders, and he is a constant starter in Inter.

I dont say that he should be in the starting eleven, but he can be in the 23...

Argentina vs. Brazil is THE classic.

Argentina vs. England is in close second.

..and then there is Argentina vs. Italy...

Im very excited about this match...

I see a 2 - 1 for argentina.

Riquelme and Crespo, and the great F. Lampard for england.

Argentina will form with (according to the media)



Maxi Rodriguez



I Like the old school defence :rockman:


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I don't know Axolote, I don't like Veron at all, when he had to play for us well in the WC he didn't, and the team was relying heavily on him...Para mi es un muerto que queres que te diga...Hay otros jugadores que son mucho mejores que el en este momento.

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I say 2-0 for Argentina. Tévez and Sorin to score.

I'll give my press point of view about the match, if we win they should handle the cup to us already, if we lose we should withdraw and give our spot to Greece.:nape:

Though it's only a friendly and whatever the score it is, it won't change too much the things i want Argentina to win this one.

Verón tempting return to Estudiantes makes me believe that he's somehow leaving the idea to return to the national team. Pekerman is decepted about the negative of Maradona to be assisting. And yeah Maradona has suggested Verón, but he also said Claudio López should be back, what the ****? Then maybe we would have Schiavi over Ayala too.:rolleyes:

About the formation, i don't really trust this false 4 defenders that turns out in 2 defenders. And i don't know having Lucho Gonzalez and Santana is there any need to put Maxi Rodríguez there, who probably won't make it to the world cup. I mean they have tested 68 players, maybe it's time to leave out some say, Quiroga, Bernardi, Duscher, Scaloni, and Maxi Rodríguez to name some.

Hopefully there will be some minutes of Aimar and Cruz.:)