Argentina vs. England {P & R}


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I like the three defenders, only if they are Coloccini-Ayala-Heize...but if they cant play, I like the line of 4...

And i will always put Lucho or Santana over Maxi Rodriguez...but Maxi is a Pekerman Boy...


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I am glad to see still quite a lot people remember Veron. poor Veron :(

He is my all time favourite and I always want to see him back in the Argentina NT. I admit that the likes of Aimar, Riquelme, etc can already take on their midfield. But Veron is playing well in Inter now and he got the big match experience. He may not be good enough to start every game, but he IS good enough for the NT.

Hope to see him in WC06...


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YEY!!!! I gonna be able to watch the game on cable...This are my favorite national teams so I just want a great game with some passion and fighting. hope Becks scores from a FK and Tevez does a Maradona.

4-3 Argentina

Beckham 2




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I'll try to look for a link for you. will search from other forusm

try ppstream. that's what I'm using.


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Gerrard is wasted on the left. perhaps this is the best compromise but it's obvious that Gerrard isn't coping with that position that well so far.

King hasn't done too much and have been the main reason why Argentina has been able to penetrate in the middle so far. gotta say, Argentina is very impressive. only weakness is they don't have orthodox wingers, but they do have sorin as an attacking fulback and the best attacking midfilders.


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Use PPLIVE and go to the website I gave you, then click on the Argentina vs England Link on the left...simple