Argentina vs. England {P & R}


El Merengue Argentino
Classic Match.

Although it is a friendly, both teams will be ready to duke it out for a win.

Should be a very exciting match on Saturday in Geneva.

Vamos Argentina ! :lui:


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Hmm, with Pekerman as the coach I don't know what to expect...anyways why is Messi not allowed to play?


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Alianza said:
Red card against Hungary it was in an amistoso so the suspension has to be served on a amistoso

Oh really? How unfair :( I thought that Red card was revoked because it was completely unfair...oh well :( So he can't pass the suspension on to another match?


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Damien Duff said:
What's the starting line-up for the teams?

I believe England is going to bring its top players, the likes of Rooney, Owen, Beckham and company...


Woodgate and James (:() are called up for this game.

England squad: Robinson (Tottenham), Green (Norwich), James (Man City), Neville (Everton), Young (Charlton), Bridge (Chelsea), Konchesky (West Ham), Ferdinand (Man Utd), Terry (Chelsea), Campbell (Arsenal), King (Tottenham), Beckham (Real Madrid), Gerrard (Liverpool), Lampard (Chelsea), J Cole (Chelsea), Wright-Phillips (Chelsea), Jenas (Tottenham), Smith (Man Utd), Carrick (Tottenham), Owen (Newcastle), Rooney (Man Utd), Defoe (Tottenham), Crouch (Liverpool).

No bent or richardson due to u-21 playoff duties


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Should be a great game, if it is then I'm downloading it :hump: Interesting to see what Pekerman and Sven throw on the field/


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Is Saviola gonna start? The dude needs some more exposure. Stupid Barca are wasting him, just like Riquelme.


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Joe Star said:
Argentina 6-0 England
& eriksson will get sacked........

I don't think it will be that kind of a game, I am actually quite pesimistic on what Pekerman brings out, I think with Bielsa we would have had a much better team :( Hopefully Pekerman will prove me wrong


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he was sold to Seville

So I guess Fergie never came through with the threat to withold his boys, eh? Still, Bridgey for leftback :jambo: