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    Football Manager 2008 Demo

    Ok, my Arsenal game. Hleb is crap so I bought Belluschi or whatever his name is, Argentinian right winger for 8 mill. Gallas and Toure are too weak in the air it seems so I bought Barzagli for £12m, If you need a centrehalf buy him his stats are ridiculous. Rosicky is a great player in...
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    Football Manager 2008 Demo

    Guardado isn't interested as he just signed for a new club. Vicetne is worth a try! Cheers
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    Football Manager 2008 Demo

    Well, obviously only with a 31m transfer budget, I need a good player but not more than... 15mill, I might for Menez and Capel for £15 m combined
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    Football Manager 2008 Demo

    Anyone found any good left wingers? I really need one for Arsenal.
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    Official Arsenal Thread [2007/2008]

    Nah, Adebayor is such a threat, just because of his physique, he's strong, fast and tireless. He can destroy defences jsut because he'll never leave them alone and when he gets the ball he can hold it up and beat his man. His finishing is his weakness nonetheless, but he's got potential to be...
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    upper body strength

    The basics of upper body strength is your core. You have strong lower backs and abs, you're balance will increase and you'll be hard to be thrown off the ball.
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    Question about tackling.

    It is a red
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    The Official Arsenal Thread [Season 2006/07]

    I'm surprised everyone missed the point that Jens Lehmann was taking the piss out of Kirkland.
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    Arsenal agree link with Colorado Rapids

    Arsenal today enters into an exclusive agreement with Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE) — the leading live sports and entertainment group based in Denver - with the primary aims of building the Arsenal brand in the US; helping to improve the quality of football at MLS team Colorado Rapids and...
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    UEFA Champions League Thread 2006-2007

    They could of put 3 past Madrid in Madrid, at Highbury Arsenal pretty much ran the show. Juventus were ripped to pieces at Highbury.
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    good cheap defenders

    You don't need any, you start with Johanne Djourou! He's awesome in that game.
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    Arsenal are probaably one of the easiest teams to play with. You have Henry who'll score bag loads, Baptista who is just unbelievable in the game, Fabregas is a bit underrated, but van Persie as a left winger is brilliant, Clichy and Traoré give you great fast left backs. You start off with 2...
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    UEFA Cup Thread 2006-2007

    He did This on his debut in the second leg of the Carling Cup semi final, with the scores being 1-1 against Tottenhams worst rivals. Although to be fair, it was a travesty that Tottenham had even equalised because they had 2 shots on target in 120 minutes of football. Thank YOU Ricardo Rocha.
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    The Official Manchester United Thread [2006/2007]

    I would say Taibi, but he never wore red.