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    [PS2] WEPES2007 Salmon Patch.

    Finally got this thing downloaded. Rebuilt and everything works fine. Nice change, and the Stadiums and adboards are excellent, as well as the commentary. Some of the songs are WAY loud, as in frantically-searching-for-the-remote-control-to-turn-the-sound-down loud. But that's really the only...
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    Chelsea F.C [2007-2008] Thread

    What's up with Cech wearing that rugby hat? He looks like one of those retarded kids who has to wear a helmet so he doesn't hurt himself.
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    FIFA 2008 (360, PS3) vs. PES 2008 (360, PS3)

    Online might be what seals the deal for FIFA. I saw the same developer thing you talk about, and I like the idea they are working towards 11 V 11. Regardless of which is better this year, FIFA might be a must buy simply for the online play. Well that, and being here in North America ensures...
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    Very well said, and this just about sums me up as well. I bought a PS2 years ago *just* to play PES. I've played the various FIFA's over the years, and while they have advanced in gameplay, they have yet to touch PES. I always come back to PES after giving FIFA a run. But this year looks...
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    [PS2] WEPES2007 Salmon Patch.

    No I did mean megaupload, the place the files are hosted at now. I can only download one file at a time, and then it says I have to wait 500 mins before I can download again. I even registered to see if it helped with that, and no go. I think there's a thread in the editing forum that lists...
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    Very quick question...

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    Very quick question...

    Nobody knows what the arrows on the team mentality setting mean?
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    [PS2] WEPES2007 Salmon Patch.

    For what it's worth....megaupload is horrid. They have good speeds, but they only allow me to download one file every 5 hours or so. makes getting this patch a bit difficult.
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    Very quick question...

    The select button...I can never figure out which is for attack and which is for defense. The arrows are colored and always point in the same direction, one looks kinda green, and one looks yellow. So is the green for attack? Honestly I'm not sure I notice a difference either way, but would be...
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    File Master and config.dat

    That's exactly it I suppose. I was wanting to edit my PS2 version. I did find a modified version of bigGui that does edit the config.dat, so all should be good now!
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    File Master and config.dat

    Hi, I'm trying to open the config.dat file, but file master crashes when I run it. I have .net framework (reinstalled it just to be sure), so no idea why this is happening. Is there another program that will open this file? BigGui does not read the fifa 07 config.dat.
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    US/CANADA PES4 Online Matchup Thread

    Check this thread: Nice program that works like irc, but also allows you to challenge players and auto inputs the ip address for you, very nice. Make sure you put something like [US] in your name so people can tell where you...
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    At Last, Pes4 Online Matchup Room !!

    Seen this for a couple days now, but just installed. It's really nice! I think the mods should sticky this, it has awesome potential!
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    lets use mIRC!!

    They are both there. use /j #pes4 or #pes-evo. Just played someone also here in the USA, no lag on either end, friggin awesome!
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    The OFFICIAL PES4 Demo feedback thread...

    System Specs: Athlon 900, 512 meg memory, Geforce 4 mx. Running at 800x600 it's very smooth, in fact almost a little fast! I've got my torrent open also, so I'm seeding along with others.