What's your local team like?

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Sir Didier Drogba;3790894 said:
I'm sure I've been to more matches than you. I would write about Tammeka, but clash covered Estonian football very well in a previous thread and I cant really beat that.

My local team where I grew up is called Diss Town FC. I am sure the amusingly ghetto name of Dis' Town, mothafucka would be a greater subject of local amusement if Norfolk had any black people, but we don't. A few people at my high school played for them sometimes.

They play in the Eastern Counties Football League, which is one of the multiple regional leagues in tier 9-10 of the English Football Leagues system. In the entire history of the club, only one former player ever went on to the professional leagues, Matthew Metcalfe making 7 appearances for Brentford and scoring 0 goals, despite being a striker.

They play at Brewers Green Lane, which has one stand:

And are nicknamed The Tangerines, due to their admittedly quite original shirt:

And we did have a glory period in the early 90s, where Diss Town won the Eastern Counties Premier Division in 1992, and then went on to win the FA Vase in 1994. (Basically, there is the FA Cup for all clubs but realistically tiers 1-4, then the FA Trophy for clubs in tiers 5-8, then the FA Vase for clubs tier 9 and below). It's quite an achievement as there are 100's of teams competing from all the regional leagues, and they got to play the final and win the trophy at Wembley Stadium. It was also around this time that Metcalfe went to Brentford and became our first and only contribution to the professional leagues.

Every hardware store in Diss has some kind of reference to the FA Vase win hanging behind the counter, and locals still reminisce about their 'trip to Wembley'. London is only 2 hours drive away, but for a true Norfolk boy it is the equivalent of me flying to New Zealand and something they would do maybe two or three times per lifetime.

I must be honest, I have never been to a game.

As small as the grounds look they still look extremely British.