What's your local team like?


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I've got a cold that's keeping me awake so I'm bored. What's your local team like? I don't mean the nearest major team to you -- unless it *is* your local team, and if so you can write about it -- I mean the random ass one down the street that might have dogs running around the stadium. Or chickens, some teams have chickens in the stadium (looking at you, Portuguese guys). What are they like, what's the area like?

Are you even interested in answering me? I'm going to post about mine anyway, so I don't care.

My local team is the Charlotte Eagles, they play in the USL Premier Development League which is nominally the fourth tier of the blown-up pillow fort American soccer calls a league system. They play here, at Dickson Field in South Charlotte which they rent from Queens University of Charlotte. It holds about 5,000 people and the women's team plays there too.

The Eagles are pretty unique actually, especially considering how a lot of teams in this country are really dull and kind of run together after awhile (rich dude, stadium has a stage in it for concerts). The team is actually part of a Christian missionary organization called MAI. They go on mission trips and stuff in the off season and hold services before games, most if not all of the players are involved in ministry in some way. They attract a lot of players from Africa and the Caribbean and have even had a few internationals for Jamaica and Trinidad (and maybe Uganda, I'm not sure). They're pretty old by the standards of the national divisions in this country too having been founded in 1991, ancient even, they might even be the oldest team in the top four tiers (though local leagues have some really old teams). They've won a few lower division titles (in 2000 and 2008, I think) and generally compete but the money boys (Orlando...) usually get the better of them.

The team moved down to the PDL for this season to make way for the Charlotte Independence, a new franchise that probably offers a better cultural fit for the way USL Pro is going to be run now -- basically as a farm league for MLS -- that'll be affiliated with the Colorado Rapids (here's a random fact since I'm a nerd: Charlotte is closer to twelve national capitals than it is its MLS affiliate - Washington, Ottawa, Hamilton, Nassau, Havana, Grand Turk, George Town, Kingston, Port-au-Prince, Santa Domingo, Belmopan, and Guatemala City). Usually the PDL consists of college kids playing while they're out of school but given the team's unique mission we'll see if they do that, stick with their normal setup, or go with some hybrid.

They more or less discovered a player called Christian Ramirez who currently plays for Minnesota in the NASL. He kind of fell through the cracks because we suck at developing players in this country but thankfully they saw him. He could turn into a good player for the US. They can claim Clint Irwin too. And Leah Fortune.

Dickson Field is on Tyvola which has a huge mall (South Park...yeah) and runs into South Blvd. on the other end, the heart of a built-up area called South End (and that's the hat trick) which has a lot to do.

Charlotte itself is the largest city in the Carolinas and the anchor city of a metropolitan area that includes cities like Dallas and Denver. It's very religious and has lots and lots of banks. Chief export: Attractive, talented Fox News anchors (Ainsley Earhardt, Anna Kooiman, Danielle Trotta [Fox Sports, but still] and Heather Childers are all from Charlotte).

Did you learn anything? What is your local team like?


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My closest team is probably Stirling Lions, they are a Macedonian club but a while ago Australia outlawed (well frowned upon really) ethnic names and hence the anglicised name. They aren't actually in the suburb of Stirling - they are located in Balcatta which is less than a 2 minute drive from my house but it is a suburb in the local government area of Stirling which gives their name (I think Balcatta SC already existed before they renamed)

Here's their wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stirling_Lions_SC

It is also a West Ham academy feeder (although I don't think anything significant has come from that)

They still play at "Macedonia Park", with the emphasis on the park part definitely. I think in their solitary stand about 1000 people could be seated tops? not to mention the stand also doubles as change rooms, club rooms and kitchen. The best part about Macedonia Park though is the entrance, it's pretty much just cut into a suburb and built in the backyards of about 5 houses - the entrance is down the side of someones driveway, literally:

Is this woman just bringing in her bin or is she travelling to Macedonia Park?

Who knows.

Anyway I've never actually beat Stirling Lions in a competitive game before, in 4 attempts spanning two different local clubs - and I did actually think about joining them about a month or two ago.

Here's the stand, tunnel, main pitch and their kit colours



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Bavarian Soccer Club of Milwaukee, I guess. Field is so unimpressive I can't find a picture on google, although it's apparently being significantly upgraded. US Amateur Champions in 76, 01, 02, 03, 09. I was in the youth system from about 97 until 02. Runner up in the 1994 US Open Cup which is like our nation's FA Cup. MLS teams entered the competition the following year.

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San Antonio Scorpions

Fairly new, founded in 2010 and they play in the North American Soccer League. Don't ask me for specifics because I don't know.

The only cool thing about it is that their stadium is pretty nice considering it's a soccer specific field.

That's basically it, though. I don't follow them so no clue how good/bad they are.


Apparently they hosted and won the "Soccer Bowl" last year, so I guess they're not bad.


Dude the chicken in the stadium was at the Dragão!! (H) So imagine our lower leagues :D We used to have a whole TV show devoted to the bottom teams of the lowest leagues, it was incredible.


is Portugal really that poor? for some reason I've always imagined it as an urbanised Spain.

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The San Diego Sockers 1978-1996, 2001-2004, 2009-present.

Leo Cuellar and Hugol. (H)(H)(H)(H)(H)

The Sockers are a proffesional indoor soccer franchise, the most successful in US sports history. Their beginnings were in the NASL however after the '84 season the franchise moved to the Major Indoor Soccer League.

Check out the field. (H)


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Haha, the Sockers! They claim the longest winning streak in American soccer history (48). They played some horrible teams to get there but that's pretty much the norm here.

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I'm sure I've been to more matches than you. I would write about Tammeka, but clash covered Estonian football very well in a previous thread and I cant really beat that.

My local team where I grew up is called Diss Town FC. I am sure the amusingly ghetto name of Dis' Town, mothafucka would be a greater subject of local amusement if Norfolk had any black people, but we don't. A few people at my high school played for them sometimes.

They play in the Eastern Counties Football League, which is one of the multiple regional leagues in tier 9-10 of the English Football Leagues system. In the entire history of the club, only one former player ever went on to the professional leagues, Matthew Metcalfe making 7 appearances for Brentford and scoring 0 goals, despite being a striker.

They play at Brewers Green Lane, which has one stand:

And are nicknamed The Tangerines, due to their admittedly quite original shirt:

And we did have a glory period in the early 90s, where Diss Town won the Eastern Counties Premier Division in 1992, and then went on to win the FA Vase in 1994. (Basically, there is the FA Cup for all clubs but realistically tiers 1-4, then the FA Trophy for clubs in tiers 5-8, then the FA Vase for clubs tier 9 and below). It's quite an achievement as there are 100's of teams competing from all the regional leagues, and they got to play the final and win the trophy at Wembley Stadium. It was also around this time that Metcalfe went to Brentford and became our first and only contribution to the professional leagues.

Every hardware store in Diss has some kind of reference to the FA Vase win hanging behind the counter, and locals still reminisce about their 'trip to Wembley'. London is only 2 hours drive away, but for a true Norfolk boy it is the equivalent of me flying to New Zealand and something they would do maybe two or three times per lifetime.

I must be honest, I have never been to a game.


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Yeah, you're right about clash's post. That pretty much sums up the Estonian football.

And hahahaha your story really made me laugh, that was a good read. : P Well written.