W.S face improvisations

Scott Adkins

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Good Old EA with their face scans - he only moved for 80 million euros!!! :taz: Thanks for looking anyway mate and keep those conversions coming :rockman:
I guess, EA had started to scan faces much earlier than Frenkie came to Barca. But anyway it's sad news that he doesn't have a real face. I'm almost sure, he will be scanned by EA soonest within one of the first updates for FIFA.

VooEss, thank you very much for your conversions.
Look forward to see more of them, mate.



The thief steals my converts and relases them as his own :fuck::facepalm:

Scott Adkins

Club Supporter
And, I see, he upload every face as a single pack.
F..k him, guys. I absolutely sure he is a poor guy, who can't do anything in this life and wants to earn few easy cent. We can just feel sorry for him and his life.
Ignore him, and of course report to Moddingway admins.
I don't think he have any benefits by stealing the faces, coz everyone who really like FIFA are subscribed to this forum, and we all download everything with original links from real facemakers.