W.S face improvisations


Reserve Team
Hi :) I'd like to share with you my improvised faces. I used files created by others modmakers and I mixed them up.

Carles Aleñá- young talent from FC Barcelona, he made his debut in the last league match against Granada.


Tell me what do you think about my work :) All suggestions and comments are welcome :)


Youth Team
nice face ! i'll use your version instead my version because my version is too chubby :munch:



Reserve Team
Today I converted Carlos Soler, and Theo Hernandez made by RAMZIDZ15 to fifa14.


One thing that is not very good is the hair: they levitate the player during the match. During the preview, or after the goal is scored when the player is shown everything is ok. Maybe someone would do it to fix it. I would be very grateful.

All credits: RAMZIDZ15