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TV Scoreboard Changer


Youth Team
white_knight;3876836 said:
You're welcome. :) Maybe the problem is due to the fact that for some reason you can't overwrite your previous installation. Have you tried installing v1.1 to another location?
I didnt install 1.0 version, but when i try to install 1.1 nothing happens.


Youth Team
MonkeyDragon;3877018 said:
They use Danilo SL'template, but they forgot to embed "fonts" folder :Shifty:

No I mean additional time uses same Champions League additional time and not Europa League

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Youth Team

Could I send you my files for your tool MonkeyDragon?? Thanks for your work!!


Youth Team
FA Cup | Scoreboard

I did background image for FA Cup scoreboard

Is someone interested in making it?