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Triskele Esports

Club Supporter
Hi guys.
like every season the time has come to publish the Triskele Mod. Obviously for FC24
The Triskele Mod adds the Italian minor leagues to the game (Lega Pro in its official format and Serie D with all 166 teams), the scudetto on the chest of the winning team of the Serie A championship (each season it will be dressed by the champion team Italy), the Club World Cup and much more.
I attach to the post the presentation video, some screens and the description of the Mod which you can find in our Discord server.

Triskele Mod video trailer


The Italian minor leagues added:

Lega Pro and Serie D

The Lega Pro in its classic structure sees the 60 teams that are part of the league complete with a league cup and playoffs.

Serie D in a selection of 16 teams chosen among the best teams in the competition.

The entire graphics section of all the Lega Pro and Serie D teams has been added, from the uniforms to the fans section;

The badge has been added to the sleeve for the Lega Pro and Serie D as well as the advertising boards

The official Lega Pro Erreà ball has been added;

The official Serie D Macron match ball has been added;

Insert all the alternative shirts of all the Italian teams;

Created over 2000 original players from the Lega Pro and Serie D team squads with overalls curated by professional sites.

The scudetto has been added for the winning teams of the Italian Serie A;

Club World Cup added;

Changed the graphics of the input menus and quick mode;

The names, uniforms, logos and graphics of the fans of the non-licensed Italian teams have been changed:

Added third uniforms for all Italian teams;

Added shirt previews for all the uniforms inserted,

The graphic section of the fans of the Italian teams has been modified;

Italian referees added;

DAZN TV logo added;

Serie B scoreboard and TV graphics added

The names and the entire graphics of the pre-season tournaments have been changed;

The names of the Italian stadiums have been inserted;

Generic Lega Serie A numbers inserted;

Changed the players' overalls and the brother;

Changed international competitions by nations

The Club World Cup has been added

Changed and fixed all league badges on the sleeves

The NOW badge has been added for Lega Pro teams

Inserted minifaces of Lega Pro and Serie D coaches

The Brico Mod has been added

Added TV logos and scoreboards for Lega Pro and Serie D

Enter the alternative uniforms of all the Italian teams

Surely in this list we will have forgotten some changes made within the game but it has now become a tradition. :D


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