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  1. M

    Ravens 24/25 Kits

    New Kits For EA FC 24 From the 24/25 Season Now Just 2 - Inter Away - Hacken Home Download
  2. WooCash95

    KITS Kits 24/25 by WooCash95

    ↓↓↓ DOWNLOAD ↓↓↓
  3. Futbol Club

    KITS KITS 2024-2025

    You can find more kits on the website: Inicio | Futbol Club (diegogfallas.wixsite.com) PLEASE DO NOT MAKE REQUESTS
  4. KeshaCASLA

    Liga Profesional Argentina 2023 - 2024 Kits and Minikits

    hey, the idea of this post is to try to help everyone find (or make and upload them) kits for this season's Argentine League
  5. Futbol Club

    KITS National Teams Kits

    You can find these and more kits on the website: Inicio | Futbol Club (diegogfallas.wixsite.com) PLEASE DO NOT MAKE REQUESTS
  6. S

    Storvaz Kits

    Feb http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/storvaz-kits.6472632/post-6779765 Mar http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/storvaz-kits.6472632/post-6782407 Apr http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/storvaz-kits.6472632/post-6783748
  7. Triskele Esports

    Triskele Mod - Italian Lega Pro and Serie D

    Hi guys. like every season the time has come to publish the Triskele Mod. Obviously for FC24 The Triskele Mod adds the Italian minor leagues to the game (Lega Pro in its official format and Serie D with all 166 teams), the scudetto on the chest of the winning team of the Serie A championship...
  8. Lautaro Martínez

    KITS Just some randoms kits I made-

    I've been making some fantasy kits. I just make the ideas that comes up to my head, whatever team or NT. I'm not new into making kits but I haven't made a kit since FIFA 14 lol This time I made JAPAN NT
  9. B

    Extracting kits from fifa 23 mods

    Is there any way to extract the kits from fifa 23 or EAFC 24 mods that come for them to be installed with the mod manager?
  10. T

    MODS TonaZ's FC 24 Realism Mod - Serie A

    TonaZ's FC 24 Realism Mod - Serie A: All licensed Serie A teams Third kits for all Serie A teams Real banners for every Serie A team Real flags for every Serie A team Real scarfs for every Serie A team Extra audio for Roma team: real chants, official Pardo commentary, goal song, real anthem...
  11. Futbol Club


    Team kits from the different CONCACAF leagues I DO NOT ACCEPT REQUESTS
  12. S

    How can I make my own kits in FIFA 23 Create A Club career mode?

    How can I make my own kits in FIFA 23 Create A Club career mode?
  13. S

    Text on Custom Kits

    Hello, I am making a mod that has custom kits, and those kits have custom text, but it doesn't change the text on the shirts. I've edited the teamkits and imported it as a squad file and in the database, but nothing seems to work. A little help please? There's an example of the unchanged text.
  14. S

    Simon's kits

    Hello, welcome to the new thread, won't post everyday. Requests are available
  15. GioArtz

    Kits By GioArtz

    Hello, I am leaving some kits that I make, I hope you like them :D
  16. rakamik

    Leagues & Teams patch 23/24

    many of you remember and download the patch for the league and teams [tokke001]. Therefore, I decided to take a break from the fifa 15 game with an update for the 23/24 season and the addition of a certain league. What will happen here? UEFA - England - National League (5) (most likely not) -...
  17. arox

    Help with FIFA 23 Kits

    Hi, can anybody tell me where can i create kits for fifa 23 :)
  18. R

    Can I convert kits from fifa 16 to fifa 23?

    as in the title?
  19. grhaer9

    FIFA 24 Kits Mod

    Hi! I am a simple kit maker who enjoys customizing FIFA using all of the great tools the community has created! I have a kit thread in the FIFA23 subfolders but I wanted to share my 23-24 kit mod. It has the most recent confirmed and predicted kits for the major leagues and also the teamkit.txt...
  20. vigiaquinze

    kits by vigiaquinze

    Hello mates! I'll post here kits made by me. I will give greater importance to the South American teams, but I will also post from teams from other continents.