Tottenham reports Manchester United and Liverpool to Premier League


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Seán Denny;2552029 said:
Tottenham must be desperate for the money. How they can report anyone after their dealings with Bostock and Ramos himself is absurd. Ah well, lets all laugh at how pathetic Tottenham have become.
who's your club?

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So it looks like Ferguson's comments were not made directly:


The Sun claimed an exclusive from the Manchester United boss admitting he saw the Bulgaria striker as an ideal signing for The Red Devils.

It has since emerged that The Sun did not source the interview themselves but took the quotes from a supporters' forum.

And a Norwegian fans' branch has admitted initial responsibility.

"A feather has become 35 hens here," said the branch's webmaster Steinar Madsen to Aftenposten. "It might seem like we are to blame for what has happened.

"We are to blame in the sense of how the interview was presented. Ferguson didn't mention the name Berbatov when he was interviewed by us.

"I would call it a misunderstanding. It was tricky conditions for the interview."


Read the rest of the article here:


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And the weirdest thing is that he was misquoted by his own club's fansite, and not the British tabloids. The Sun as they always do just took it and posted as news without confirming, so I guess they're to blame for this as well.

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We apologize for keeping the yellow too long
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These were Benitez' comments about Robbie Keane:

"Keane is clearly a player that has game intelligence," the Liverpool manager said. "We are looking for players who can fit into our systems and improve the team.

"We're looking for players with the right quality and I think we'll find some in the next few days, although not necessarily the names that everybody knows.

"Keane is one of the other names and okay we are still working with other names. We were in contact and we will see now."




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I'm starting to think that this is the way foreign managers do business - Benitez has been talking about Barry and Keane all summer and all the big clubs seem to be doing it. Jose with Lampard, AC with Adebayor / Drogba and of course "Mighty" Real Madrid.

Unfortunately it might be common practice in Serie A or La Liga - but it is considered wrong in English football (and should be elsewhere) Obviously Fergie was right when he denied Tottenham's allogations.

It should be an offence in the eyes of the "powers that be" for clubs to openly talk about players at other teams - having not first made a bid through the proper channels and being subsequently cleared to talk to the individual concerned.

The power to move players needs to be with the clubs that pay the extortionate wages - not the greedy agents who represent the players or the players themselves.

It should work like: Real Madrid want Ronaldo - they make a bid, United reject it. Then Real can either counter bid, or leave it. It is disgusting to hear Calderon constantly claiming "Ronaldo will join" etc. IMHO Benitez acted exactly the same towards Aston Villa and Tottenham - and I hope justice is done because this is ruining the game for me.

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We apologize for keeping the yellow too long
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I can't find the link now but I clearly remember Ramos saying something to the effect that he felt that there was a good chance of one of Berbatov and Keane leaving, so presumably he knew something of a bid for atleast one of these two.


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Hans;2552061 said:
What we did compared to what Real Madrid did is totally different. We make an official bid, we contact Berbatov's owner by the book and that's that. But you will have a case if you compare of what we did when signing Jaap Stam from PSV.

Madrid on the other hand set up a meeting behind Manchester United's back with Cristiano Ronaldo, they even go as far influencing Ronaldo's family and national team-mates to persuade him to come to Bernabeu, it took freaking months for them before they have the guts to make a direct bid to Manchester United.

And being a Chelsea fan you are the last person on earth who have a say about unethical transfer method considering that Ashley Cole **** you pulled off...none of my business anyway, since in the end you'll find out, like the gooner did, that Ashley is just another over paid cheating gay ****....

I don't know the Rafa-Keane situation, but since it concerns Liverpool, let's ******* ban them....

Mate, Cristiano has expressed his interest in coming to us. Obviously he isn't too haoppy anymore at Utd. and thats a problem that your club and that little pr!ck have to deal with, not us. If he's meant to stay at Utd, he will, if not then he'll flee.


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Hans;2552327 said:
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