The Wolf PES5 Superpatch 1.0.1 Easy Install


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zeus78 said:
true but i hope that the user are not confused about two threads. fch is posting our fixes in the other thread. will you update your thread here?
we make an update which comes on friday with updated stadiums, kits etc
btw, frenkie forgot to edit some files in san siro so with some weather the files are not edited. with the fix all files will be overwrite

Yes, I spoke with FCH on PM earlier. Once all the fixes are released, I will make another pre-patched version with everything done.


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i for one

I for one applaud Wolf for all the hard work he has put into this game. I use the patches he has created. Kudos to you Wolf


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Reconfigure your download client / use Azureus to download torrent files, it's the most powerful client. I got it within 2 hours with download speed around 200 kb/s.


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we will upload the hole patch on filefront with all fixes and updates. but we need a bit time to fix all bugs ;)


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many thanx wolf

many thanx wolf
much easier just to paste afs
noticed trinidad & tobago in there but have I got to hex edit to get the right name
also cant use the brilliant no radar patch , there seems to be no unamed_113 in e.text afs anymore, or have I missed something

once again many thanx



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Thanks wolf for saving us from that horrible music on pes5 now i can enjoy the new sounds you got good looking out wolf.


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Guys, understand this isn't my work other than just pre-patching the.afs files and putting it on a torrent!

Look at the credits, those are the guys who created it all.


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played a few games, everything looks great... thanks to everyone who has contributed in making this, it sort of is like a whole new game!


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I can get the d/lds to work , say high amount already d/ld and I would have to purchase the premium d/ld ..

Ive tried the torrent and nothing no connection ...

Has anyone got a link that is working ...

Thanks ...


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matthewfever said:
can someone please post a screenshot or something of wayne rooneys stats in this patch please.

so, you're not going to download the patch if they don't have the right stats for a player?


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Well I've downloaded the patch, installed etc but now it just crashes to desktop when I try and config my game controller, anyone else having this problem?