The Wolf PES5 Superpatch 1.0.1 Easy Install


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I know I'm the Jurassic PES5 player here, but is there anywhere to download Wolf's superpatch? All the torrents from this forum are dead.

Yes, I'm four months late, I know, so I may be out of luck....


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actualy i can't help u but it's some kinda of hard thing to find it in torrent ....try some other sources like p2p or from
what ever ...but u must get it it will change the game 100% :jap:


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new option file

hi guys is there any new option file for superpatch?Cause i have the one in the first page and its too old


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zeus78 said:
greatings from switzerland :)
please visit this link, this are the latest files for superpatch 2.0 from our team. doubleclick on option file, it will be install automaticly. for the rest of the files: just download, extract and copy them over your old one

I hate to say this But I cant read a bit of that... I knew I should have taken a different language in High School and College.
Could you please post the link of where I can download the patch please


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Anyone have theses patches, ive looked up and down the internet and cannot find any trace of it....has it been taken off the internet for some reason....anyone who knows where it is can they pm me please wid da link.



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Well, this patch was for PES5 not PES6, so I'm not surprised it's tricky to find. You may have luck on Emule or some torrent sites, but it's a long shot.