The "What team should I be" Thread


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I do want to play Fm, but I cant really play a long term game now, because Im getting more RAM in a week (then Im starting a big career game with more leagues than I can playnow)
I wouldn't start a new game if I were you and wait until you have the RAM.

Why not continue our network game? :)
Since I have gotten FM, I have not finished a single season, never once. I started out with Everton, but I got bored, same deal with AC Milan. I tryed Ajax, but the piss poor league ruined it for me. I then went to Real Sociedad, no europe, solid team and some money, the problem? No spanish players allowed when it seemed all the best players were on sale. I am at Parma now, not sure if I will finish, I wanted to, but, after reading this thread, I am not happy with the super team I built there, maybe it is back to Everton...any help would be nice. I am much like Shifty...
I just started a new game with Man Utd. It should be fun, lots of pressure, little money and the need(i feel) for a ton of new players I can't buy.


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Yeah but around the transfer window in December they give you a big boost in cash (well they did in my game :( )


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stucox2003 said:
i have been the Indian bank or something in india ... there are ok i manged to take 3 players from england there from league 2 Ronnie Bull, Efe Echanomin and Sos Yao ended up winning the league 3 years in a row ... well boring winning them all
i'm playing with mahindra united, three years into the game and im won everything there is... ah renedy singh :hump:


Forza Suarez! (ps brotha can you spare a dime?)
I started a game with Borussia Crapmund, quit 2 minutes after. I think FM has got boring, at least for me, thankfully I have PES4, WE8, and WE8LE to fall back on.
FM has not been as fun for me as CM...don't know why....maybe 2006 will be better. btw, I quit Man utd. I was having fun in the pre-season, but the fact that I would most likely be taking them to the CL finals just made me feel so dirty, so I turned off the game and took a shower. I am back at Everton now...


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Looking for a club (not in european competition, preferably) with a transfer kitty of around £1-2m in a competitive league...any suggestions, please?


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Boca Juniors, River Plate.

Botafogo, Criciúma, Figuerense, Goiás, Guarani, Juventude, Paraná, Paysandu, Santos, São Caetano.

América de Cali, Atlético Nacional, Deportivo Cali, Medellín.

Atlas, Chivas, Culiacán, Jaguares, Necaxa, Pachuca, Puebla, Pumas, Tecos.

Nacional, Peñarol

Nice selection (H)


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Sorry if I didn't make it clear but when I meant not in european competition, I meant the UCL, UEFA cup or Intertoto...I'd like to play in a European league ideally because I just finished a game with Boca.


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Borussia Mönchengladbach, Hannover 96, Hertha BSC, 1. FC Nürnberg, SC Freiburg.

Atalanta, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari, Lecce, Livorno, Messina, Reggina, Siena.

One of these maybe?