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I Just want to tell you that not all the things that the world press say are true.
Hamas is shooting at Israel (towards the south of the country) rockets for 9 years!
Did you know that?
have you seen this picture?
Yes.... they are Israeli kids.... not palestinians.

Israel is now at war with the Hamas, the real terror organization.
Israel is shooting towards Gaza only to hit Hamas targets (for example, the school-you all heard of, that 40 palestinians were killed... not true! in this action only 7 were killed!! and they were all hamas! no one mentioned that this school was a hiding place in which Hamas hid weapons and warfare).
Israel doesn't shoot innocent people for no reason (unless hamas is hiding amongst the common crowd) .but Hamas has been shooting towards israeli cities for the past 9 years (with no regards to women children babies etc.).
have you seen the video where a hamas activist takes a palestinian young boy(forcefully!) and uses him as a human shield?

For 9 years Israel has been bombarded with rockets, and the world doesn't say a thing!

And the real innocent people (sderot, beer sheva, ashdod, ashkelon, ofakim, netivot and so on...) have been living in fear for 9 years.

anyone who hates Israel, its simply because you don't know what really happens in Israel (south east north and all).

Today Hezbollah sent missiles to Nahariya (North of Israel!).
Did you hear about that???

Did you know that 2.5 years ago Lebanon sent Katiusha rockets to the north cities of israel (naharyia, haifa, kiryat shmona, tzfat etc.) ? a lot of israeli people were lived under fire.

TV networks (like CNN,BBC,Sky) are owned by Muslims.
I think you are starting to understand this by now. They choose to leave out all the information that is in favour of israel.
i am not talking about fox news here, they are neutral.
do You know what happened at Ankara?
an israeli basketball team was attacked and the game was stoped, all the israeli players from "Bney Hasharon" escaped to the dressing room, they could not leave the room because turkish huligans were ramming the door down.. 2 hours later the police made safe way for the players to pass.. the team lossed automatically!!!

I hope you learn some real information from this.. at least more than what the world press chooses to show you.

Israel is not in the wrong here... they are simply trying to defend themselves.
(by the way, yesterday Israel gave humanitarian aid for Gaza citizans! Did you hear about it?)

Hamas is the bad guy in this story.
I hope you understand that finally!

and please tell me what other country would put up with this situation????
would you?

I put here video of Arab-American psychologist Wafa Sultan.


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You know, you didn't have to embarrass both yourself and our country with that? No one here even discussed the war. Next time you're going to do a speech like that, do it perfectly.

Don't get me wrong, I'm in full support of what you said, but ******* hell, "TV networks (like CNN,BBC,Sky) are owned by Muslims.". Nice way to undermine yourself, asshat.


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And to be fair, there are super pro-Palestine people here who write screeds and I tell them to shut up as well.


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nothing like being dead in the new year because some white-skin european land thieves think they are god's chosen people. thumbs up israel and zionism(Y)


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Israel and Palestina remind me of two little kids fighting over a piece of candy.
'He started'
'No, he started'

I can't even be bothered anymore when I see on the news that an x amount of people have died in an attack by Israeli's on Palestine or other way around. They might as well replay a tape about the same subject made 8 years ago I wouldn't see a diffrence.


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Mr.Crosas;2608058 said:
TV networks (like CNN,BBC,Sky) are owned by Muslims.

Seriously, can you please expand on this point? I think the whole forum is intrigued...


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When i wrote "Muslim owner",i meant that they have muslim sponsor...

What I said,it's that you think that Israel attack Gaza with no reason.
But you don't know that israeli goverment gave to Gaza a humanitarian help!
you don't know that Hamas attack Israel for years!
The israeli goverment want to explain to the world what happened,but the CNN(for example) don't show that.

Kanoute said that Gaza are innocent.
He doesn't know what happened really.
Haven't you seen the video i put here(Human Shield!)

I know you don't want to listen to me,because you don't care what,you hate Israel because you see one side.but you have never seen the 2nd side.
Allways the world will hate Israel,and all that because of Hamas,you don't know what a bad guys them.

So i please you to not decide immediatly that Israel are killers.
Because it's not.
Mr. Crosas,

Last time I checked, none of the people on this board work for CNN, BBC, Sky Sports, Oxygen, The Weather Channel, Christian Broadcasting Network or MTV Hits. This is probably because all those networks are run by Muslims (especially CBN). Nor do any of us hold high-ranking positions in the USDOD. Nor does anyone here constitute an autonomous country with a permanent UN Security Council seat.

While I sympathize with your cause, I do believe your efforts here are misguided and doomed to be ineffectual.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Jewlover


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OK,leave the owner of the TV Network.
Israel isn't bad.
It's Hamas.
not Israel,not Gaza-Hamas.
You don't know it(because of the reason i said),but you can check in other TV network.
Hugo Chaves said that Israel kills innocent people.but it's wrong.
Hamas send rockets on innocent people.
I please you to type in google "Sderot".check the pictures...and tell me who is the innocent people.

By the way,this video:
This is 14 years old from Gaza.believe it or not.
Bobby;2608223 said:
I have a friend who works for some Christian channel. INSP I think it's called.


Inspirational, I've watched it. Messianic Jew or regular Jew? If it's the latter, I'm not so much surprised by the fact that they hired him as I am by the fact that he wants to work there.


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Run DMB;2608410 said:
Inspirational, I've watched it. Messianic Jew or regular Jew? If it's the latter, I'm not so much surprised by the fact that they hired him as I am by the fact that he wants to work there.

She's just a normal Jew.


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Mandieta6;2608424 said:
Mr. Crosas, just stop. Seriously.

if i'll stop,who will wake you up?

Ok,I stop and Hamas will continue to fire Israel,and you don't know about it.
and you will continue to be so blind.
but it doesn't matter to you,allways you will hate israel.

you will never understand what israel is really.
You don't listen to me.
we suffer if you don't know.
it's the easier way to accuse Israel.
so for what i try to convince you!?

Gaza isn't the people that's Israel!
haven't you seen yet the video i putted?

all the world attack israel because the goverment only defende her people that lives here!and you and rest of world don't know it.
so open your eyes!
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