The real information about Israel

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Mr.Crosas;2608058 said:
have you seen this picture?
Yes.... they are Israeli kids.... not palestinians.
have you seen these?

These are just some pictures out of thousands.
Mr.Crosas;2608058 said:
Israel is shooting towards Gaza only to hit Hamas targets

Israel has insisted that it is not targeting civilians and accuses Hamas of using civilians as human shields by operating in populated areas.

But Dr Gilbert (A Norwegian doctor working at al-Shifa Hospital) said the overwhelming majority of casualties he had treated were civilians.

"Among all the hundreds we have seen so far, we have seen two fighters," he said, adding that women and children alone made up 25% of the death toll, and 45% of the wounded.

And you say that Israel is shooting only the "Hamas targets". Since when are children and women "Hamas targets?" What a ******* joke. Go to hell bitch


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Mr.Crosas;2608461 said:
if i'll stop,who will wake you up?

Ok,I stop and Hamas will continue to fire Israel,and you don't know about it.
and you will continue to be so blind.
but it doesn't matter to you,allways you will hate israel.

you will never understand what israel is really.
You don't listen to me.
we suffer if you don't know.
it's the easier way to accuse Israel.
so for what i try to convince you!?

Gaza isn't the people that's Israel!
haven't you seen yet the video i putted?

all the world attack israel because the goverment only defende her people that lives here!and you and rest of world don't know it.
so open your eyes!

Even Israeli people are turning against you. How pathetic.


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CR_manutd;2608481 said:
And you say that Israel is shooting only the "Hamas targets". Since when are children and women "Hamas targets?" What a ******* joke. Go to hell bitch

I have to say I agree with some of that. Just firing rockets and killing women and children is never going to be right, no matter what argument you put out. And if that wasn't enough, Israel have the cheek to deny reporters access to the Gaza strip and expose whats going on. I know some people on here think Israel should be a part of Europe. I say you can forget about it.


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a. Mr Crosas, I'm Israel and Jewish, GTFO you're only making it worse.

b. CR MT Utd whatever, Hamas themselves have confessed that a lot of their fighters are being hit. Israeli forces ARE targeting Hamas fighters, and it is reported that 2/3 of the death toll in the strip is of Hamas militants.

Civilians die, this is a war, and Hamas have regrouped in urban locations, and that is a part of their tactics. They know full well that civilians will die, and they hide in places which will cause the most controversy when attacked, including hospitals and schools.

Israel ISN'T targeting civilians, and Hamas is. But a lot of civilians in the strip are dying because of where Hamas militants are hiding.

Even though Crosas is a ******* idiot, there's truth in the fact that the media is focusing on Palestinians as the underdogs, and that's why they're getting all the support.

What most of you don't understand is that the media chooses what stories to relay to you, and you should take everything with a pinch of salt. Both sides have done wrong, end of.

Again, Crosas, you're only generating more ill-feeling towards Israel, so shut the **** up already, and let this go.

EDIT: Asmodai, if that can never be right, then where is your contempt towards Hamas? They've been targeting civilians for years.

And I'm against Crosas because he doesn't know how to defend his own cause and he is making it worse, that doesn't mean his cause is wrong.
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