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The Official 05/06 La Liga Española Thread


Starting XI
Spain should play with 1 DM tops, and I prefer Senna.

Reyes was lost? Reyes and Pernia were always open on the left sideline but we repeatedly played on the right side. That's why Jouaquin had about 50 million touches on the ball. If you guys watched it here in Spain you heard the commentator talking about Reyes waving his arms to get the attention of his teammates. Eventually he came into the attack at the middle and I think he did a nice job. He gave a dangerous pass to Jouaquin and delivered a curling shot that grazed the corner.

Dream Team, I didn't see anything wrong with Pernia's defending. He never got beaten. He didn't steal very many balls, but what does Antonio Lopez have that Pernia doesn't?

Dream Team

Starting XI
Xavi and Xabi almost couldn't pass the midfield. They were 2 vs 5 there. I think Joaquín played much more because sometimes he came to the midfield like Raul.

Sometimes it looked like Puyol was the LB. I don't think Pernía is a great defender, maybe I'm wrong. I would pick him over A. Lopez though.


Senior Squad
faceNside said:
Yes, the team works much better with 4-3-3.

EDIT: Crus in which other forum do u write on?

Media-Vida.net, sports forum, not a good forum but there are also some movies and games forums.


Sevillista, its not about blaming Reyes, its about blaming the system, i dont remember a single match where our 2 wingers did a nice match. I guess Aragones will use Reyes in the 2nd half.

I like a lot Raul + Villa, both are very smart, just see how they did together when Villa hit the post.

About the DM issue, i think in matches like today we can use Xabi Alonso and 2 from Iniesta/Xavi/Cesc, cause Croatia was like full defense. Im agree Iniesta played very well, i also liked Luis Garcia cause in this kind of matches his kind of gameplay is a problem for that big defenders.

About choosing between Pernia and A.Lopez i dont know what to choose honestly.

DreamTeam, Its obvious Raul was lost today cause he was really alone, like Reyes, and since there are only 2 midfielders destroying/making he go to the midfielder where he is not good (He is a forward, Iniesta/Cesc could do much better there). If we're are gonna play using only 2 midfielders i prefer Raul out, but having 3-4 Raul must be there always.

Dream Team

Starting XI
I forgot to mention, the own goal came from the left wing and it was like the third time they crossed the ball from that wing in a couple of minutes.


Senior Squad
-William- said:
Campeones Campeonessss oe oe oeeeee

Probably Spain wont win, but who cares we will be watching his games and we will have fun, and even we will dream again.

Its funny during 50 years Sevilla won nothing, and you never lose the hope and supported that team. We feel the same you feel with Sevilla.

This is about fun, about enjoying the games and living the World Cup (I enjoy it much more when Spain is still alive in the tourney :P)