The Lower Leagues of the USA


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Hey everyone. Thought I'd start a new thread here.
Since the pandemic i've really gotten into Fifa again and have been attempting to expand the US soccer system in the game. Its been alot of work but I have well over 80 new teams.
Alot of those teams in the USL championship came from a patch but I've created teams from USL below.

I've been slowly figuring out how to make kits so I'd thought I share some. I also think it'd be great if we use this as a place for everyone to post.

These are by no means perfect

Heres one of my first

Philadelphia Fury - NISA (fictional WAWA sponsor)

fury keeper.png
yellowjersey.png pyellow (1)2j.png redjersey.png pred2.png


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Which other teams have you done?
Im slowly making my way through teams.

But last night I made a fictitious Union Omaha and Carolina Dynamo kit.
Puerto Rico FC
Hartford athletic
Miami FC
FC Baltimore
and a Brookhatten FC based off of an alternate US soccer timeline I found online

I basically evened out the US divisions
mls- 24
usl 1- 24
usl 2 - 32

Premiere development league


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El Paso Locomotive Home

ELPASO 1.jpg

ELPASO 2.jpg

ELPASO 3.jpg


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  • HOME SHIRT.png
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    HOME SHORTS2.png
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my favorite kit so far,
El Paso Locomotive 3rd - Noche De Locos

omaha - skulls 3.jpg

omaha - skulls 2.jpg

omaha - skulls.jpg

along side my version of
Union Omaha


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Hope you don't mind, I kind of made a couple of changes
1) Change the USL League 1 sleeve logo to USL Championship
2) Made the mountain graphic a little more detailed as shown below
3) Made the "Estrella Jalisco" logo slightly larger

You're doing awesome work dude!

View attachment 39175 View attachment 39176

Ok thanks!
Its USL 1 because of the setup I have on my FIFA db at the moment. Only 24 teams in Champ so I had to bump a couple down

Thanks for the fixes!

Need some more tweaks to the skull kit too


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El Paso away completed.

I added a fade at the bottom that goes to a lighter blue then back to the original blue because of a glare I saw on one of my reference photos. I left it in because I kinda like it better

Also fixed the size and shoulder issues of the Skull kit

ELPASO 4.jpg

ELPASO 6.jpg

ELPASO 7.jpg
ELPASO 8.jpg


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Does anyone know a fix for this? It keeps me from making patches.
I've tried changing access and running in administrator mode.



Any help is appreciated as this is really frustrating