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Red Card - Life
Life Ban
Good thread.

I dunno if any of these are well-known, but I've just never met anyone who has heard of them:

The Whitlams, piano-rock band, kicks the Fray a million times over, aussie band. My personal favorites are 'Blowing Up the Pokies' and 'No Aphrodisiac'.



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One rule, please don't post about twenty bands, that'd be a really gay thing to do.


Reverend and the Makers
If you like the Arctics, you WILL like Reverend. The main guy (the Reverend) is called Jon, and he was in the original Arctic Monkeys band, despite being much older than them. Musically, it takes influences from such new brit-indie bands as Arctics and Kaiser Chiefs, but, as the band self proclaims, mixes it with regae and generally more unique styles. Also, the lyrics are second to none. The first single "Heavyweight Champion of the World" reached about number 10 in the charts, and the new single "He said he loved me" is out soon. The album is out late September. Seem them live twice, they're amazing.

Heavyweight Champion of the World -



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If you like blues, classic rock, Led Zeppelin :D , you should try "Ten Years After".

Just type it on youtube and watch some classy stuff. (Y)


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Chin Up Chin Up. They're one of my favourite bands. They're from Chicago and play some wonderful music. Everyone I persuaded to listen to their music completly agreed that this was awesome music. The best thing is they're coming to Amsterdam to perform no more than 250 meters away from my home in less than a month. Here are some YouTube vids:



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Fernandez;2388299 said:
Lifehouse, brilliant rock band.

Hanging By A Moment and Spin.

Very good band...Hanging By A Moment is great, and they have the new CD out now too...I see the're also on tour with Goo Goo Dolls.


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Sonata Arctica, a Finnish Power/Melodic Metal band, great band. Try listening to them, their best songs IMO are Tallulah and Fullmoon, try and listen to them and you'll fall in love.