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The community here | how to make it better?!


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I was also thinking we might want to archive different errors and crashes, and make a list of those as well as their solutions. Provide a resourse we can refer back to quickly to get a fast answer to a crash problem. If no one knows the answer yet, we can leave it as an unsolved crash or error.


The Super-Swede
here's my idea for the stickys in the fifa 08 forums! what do you guys think? any additions needed? will a newbie understand how to find tutorials,rules and kits if we do like this?



Sundsvall2005;2387629 said:
here's my idea for the stickys in the fifa 08 forums! what do you guys think? any additions needed? will a newbie understand how to find tutorials,rules and kits if we do like this?

Good ..but in the Request thread you should only allow people who have the logos and the photos of the kits.
One question.are you not going to divide the FIFA 08 Forum into different sections like the FIFA 07 Forum?
Instead of closing the bad threads why not delete them.This will make the Forum look better.


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A suggestion that could help to avoid some misunderstandings is that authors of graphics, be it kits, flags, adboards, balls, shoes or whatever should post a statement in the first post of their thread that :

a) their graphics can freely be used in patches as long as they're credited
b) people should contact them beforehand for doing so and in that case a contact e-mail adress would be very handy
c) their graphics may not be used in other patches

This would be very helpful and avoid any possible conflicts. I had the experience myself when I made a big patch including many graphics found on this and other boards around the globe where I contacted the people I could find the e-mail adresses from but there are many I didn't find any (also by collecting thousands of graphics one can lose track of who made what and what not, and this caused unnecessarely trouble after releasing said patch)

It would save also lots of time for both the graphic authors and the patchmakers, as I said this is just a suggestion but I hope people will take this little time to do this. What do you think?


Good thinking (Y)
Alex the stickylinks are looking ok like this and @dipanjan: the same hierarchy will be used at the Fifa 08 forum we'll make sure that it will be as transparent as possible for everyone :)


The Super-Swede
okay, sounds good.

Zefilio - yeah that's a good idea, we can post that as a rule and tell all kitmakers to post it on the first page, then it will work great!


@silencer why not you open your own screenshot's thread where the kitmakers and editers will come to you for screens.This will save the persons thread from lot of graphics which makes the browser very slow(sometimes).If you have done their screenshot just post the link and people who are interested will see the screens without making the browser very slow.
You should also make a rule that new members have to see the rules befor being granted membership.
I also think that the sticky threads have a very dim colour.I does not catch you attention.Although you have nothing to do here why not consult this with Lior or other people with design power.


The Super-Swede
a screenshot thread is a good idea,dunno if it would work good though..
i have asked hakeem long time ago if that's possible(show rules to new members) but he said that its not possible,since not all new members are here for the fifa forums and so on..and for the stickys, that's SG's colour-sheme,dont think that will be changed,but if you want, you can ask lior or hakeem

Stevi G

Senior Squad
PPl can also start by appreciating others commetments and nt supprot some1 in something that they dont want. False supprts should nt be given and ppl should relly appriciarte othere commetment and adding to the reputation of the editot if they are fond of hs commetment to fifa 07 community