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The community here | how to make it better?!


Senior Squad
Oki feel we need to advertise fifa patching more

look at the pes, is not thats its more popular imo, its just everyone seems to know about patching, this has come about proberly becasue the game has no liscences and people always feel a need to patch

still i just dont think there are enough patchers, we can get more

i think a good way to start is on you tube


The Super-Swede
well there's some things we can do, a good thing imo that we could to is making a introducion into the fifa addons world, maybe a sticky thread telling everything about it,how to do etc. or maybe a totally new website, with good structure and easy to find how to do stuffs, and it could also include links to the biggest addon sites! and maybe more sites could co-operate and telling about other sites patches..


Senior Squad
I think the introduction of the patchmaker in CM07 will significantly improve the number of patch makers around. Given time and education using it it could be quite powerful. I, for example, don't know how to make a traditional patch. I wouldn't have been able to release a national team patch without CM07. it makes the process quite simple.


Starting XI
first of all, we would need well done tutorials for faces, kits and the different graphics
then, people that commits with time and effort, but here's a problem, we all have lifes besides fifa

another very usefull thing would be like, i don't know, 5 guys to make swedish mega patch, 5 guys to make argentinian league, and so on, so everthing keeps as updated as possible

and another greatly usefull thing would be that we all use one program, like CM, so every patch is compatible with it, because we have now CEP, and different leagues round the world that are not compatible with each other
If we all create patches with CM, would be much easier for everyone


Starting XI
for a super patch is cep, but it would never be up to date as everyone wants

small patches for every league or team would be great, and done all following the same "guidelines" son there's no dup teams or two teams with the same id, and so
but as i said, it needs time, effort and colaboration


Senior Squad
CM assigns a new ID for every team added. regardless of their ID when the patch is made. If I remember right.

Same with player ID's

Adboards would be a little more difficult.

I'de Like some help with the Mega Nat Team Patch if anyone can spare it.

it will be up to about 70 total teams after the next release.


Youth Team
Introductions and "sticky" posts would be helpful. Or, on the other hand, we can stick to the same "USE THE SEARCH" rude reply for those not in the know.


Senior Squad
Smaller egos and greater concern for the fellow gamer would be a nice start...
Compatibility is the road to be taken by everyone.It's absolutely ridiculous that you have to uninstall the game ,if for a reason you don't like a patch...It's not normal either,that if you want a league ,you have to forget all the other changes, you have painstakingly done over the time.Don't get me wrong,i do appreciate and admire the hard work of all the patch makers, but i think they do themselves harm by limiting the compatibility of their creations.And if these are not enough ,we have locked databases...Sorry for the length of this post..


Starting XI
ok, let's do this
come one, keep giving ideas
and, if we all commit to it, we can make it

what's more important? (besides time and talent)
tutorials? patchers? makers?


Senior Squad
i believe advertising 1st is the best policy

an easy way is to post your videos of a patched fifa on you tube, generating intrest, adverts on forums may work aswell

you tube really seems the best option


Red Card - Racist/Insulting Members [Life]
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The day the Fifa community will deflate it's ego and work together, hell will freeze over.


Senior Squad
First and foremost. we need more patchmakers. Start a thread and sticky it of all patches currently being made. and suggest the people help out and learn a bit about how they are made. Provide links to the patches main page.

Strongly suggest using CM07 so we can get several leagues added without overwriting anything.

Then we need to work very very hard on making tutorials. Not just for the hardcore products like photoshop but for people who are willing to work with paintshop pro trials or photoshop elements. Cheap or free programs. Also start a thread and sticky it to keep track of all tutorials made.

if you have people contributing to a patch and reading and learning from tutorials we'll get a lot of interest. I can't tell you how many times people come on these forums begging to learn how to make kits, they are told it's hard and they shouldn't bother and never post again. That could be a Curswine or Sundsvall in 5 years or maybe just a random average run of the mill kitmaker in a year or so. We gotta encourage people even when others put em down.

My two cents.

Biebrich 02

Senior Squad
Good point, liio. i've noticed several times that beginners get comments like "that's all crap", "horrible kits" or "that line on the short is stolen from my kit". I've had a discussion about that when two beginners started making arabic kits. i was very angry because it's arrogant to say such things and it was obvious that they wouldn't stay here long. who wants to make useful kits (arabic kits are because no one else ever made them) for a community that celebrates kits that take a week to make, the tenth arsenal or manchester kit made for some kind of competition - "who makes the best manU kit"? all this vain editing. and people like makispla or the two arabic kitmakers aren't even noticed.

my suggestion for the next fifa is to have lots of sticky threads in kits and editing forum, for all types of kits and stuff. "National teams", "Premier League", "Serie A". "Serie B" etc. No more threads for single kitmakers / editors. Everyone making a kit / face / etc would post it in the matching sticky thread, and the moderators or threadstarters could link it to the first post of the thread, so it would be easy to find. And no double post of kits. If ManU is made, there's no need to post it again.


Senior Squad
I agree, this does sound like a good idea to do for FIFA 08 and its successors. If Rinaldo will make a Creation/Sound Master for FIFA 08, this will be so good.


Starting XI
There are many fifa patchmakers in this world. This is not a problem. The big problem(besides free time) is that there aren't many coordinators who must assemble all mini-patches(examples in SlowHand's post). If 3 or 4 experienced guys like Billy or Ockham would want to be the "chiefs" it would be great.

I propose that at Fifa08 one of the coordinators will make a thread on these forums with subscribing, and then assign the work at every patchmaker:

Fifa dome(German database)
Fifa Underground(Romanian database)
PkBomb(Barcelona, Chelsea, Lazio.....etc. kits)
Keegan(all the boots)
^^something like this would be great

then add all the files with CM08 and abracadabra a great huge patch! :D


Senior Squad
August I think it's a waste of time for people to constantly keep remaking the same kit over and over again as well but, it won't ever stop. There's not much point. People enjoy making the kits for the big teams and fewer of us enjoy doing the "other kits".

I don't think we need to get rid of threads for kitmakers entirely. But archiving them and stickying them is a great idea I think. Something similar to what I did with national team kits, only we could get the community more involved and get it updated more often. I get too busy to keep it current all of the time.

Sticky's that provide links to each kit with the makers name next to it is probably a great way to make all of the kits available.

And I think kitmakers should decide when they post their kits whether they are available for patchmakers, instead of having to try to contact them every time they should let us know up front, page one of their thread. Go ahead and decide. If they aren't sure they should let you know they want to be contacted and leave an active e-mail address incase they become inactive on the forums. Something to mention in a tutorial. I've had to have several kit's remade cause I can't get in touch with the makers.


The Super-Swede
so, i see that many guys have alot of ideas and a huge interest in changing the fifa editing and community. i dont think there's much to do for fifa 07,but i really do think we can make big changes for fifa 08, when we open that forum! so...

- more tutorials!
- a introduction about fifa editing including the rules!
- a main fifa editing thread where patchmakers and graphics makers co-operate and maybe we get special kits/leagues to do so we wont see 10 man united kits next year..

i think this can work, what do you think? another question, i can make kitmaking tutorials for sure, but what kind of tutorials do you want? explaining tutorials, step by step with screenshots OR video tutorials?


Starting XI
i believe step-by-step tutos with screens will be good enough
the video-tutorials are the best but they are also heavy to up/download

some tips also on a basic use of photoshop would be nice; like, first see the basics (maybe just a link for that), and then how to make a kit

also a face making tuto, coz there are several guys that want themself on the game or a single player from pakistani 3rd division, or a classic player (i made a very bad batistuta with Crespo's .O model)