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Sputnik Automated Bootpack for Classic Patch 14 by VK


Starting XI


Like the first artificial Earth satellite Sputnik 1, this bootpack will guide you through the years 1994-2020 with the most era appropriate boots being used automatically.

Credits: Scouser for making this possible; Alex10, RD86, Pao4ever, Barrysun, Xuskan, JS8, Nabo78, Pillowbiter, Mh25, CBM, Rout, Acicog30, eddyedwards, pe pe, mita996 & all other makers I might have forgotten to mention.

Please check the ReadMe file very carefully.
Any feedback or assistance will be appreciated!

What's new:
800+ boots
separate sets for regular seasons and summer competitions
all clubs and national teams activated automatically
compatible with 21st Century Add-on for CP14 by @Jbou41
experimental randomization feature (see ReadMe)
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Starting XI
Some gameplay screenshots of graphics update:

World Cup 2002
NB: Yokohama World Cup stadium, Nike 2002 name font, fan banners

Euro 2004
NB: Jose Alvalade Lisbon stadium (+ custom euro 2004 dressing); Zidane, Beckham new faces and tattoos

World Cup 2006
NB: World Cup 2006 stadium dressing; Crouch real face, Cristiano Ronaldo real face and specific 2006 boots, fan banners

Euro 2008
NB: St. Jakob Park Basel stadium (+ custom euro 2008 dressing), Meireles tattoos, fan banners, updated Germany kit with white frontal numbers and euro 2008 badges

World Cup 2010
NB: Soccer City Johannesburg stadium, Guy Demel real face, Robinho tattoos

Euro 2012
NB: Warsaw National Stadium (+ custom euro 2012 dressing), Wasilewski real face and tattoos, new authentic adboards

World Cup 2014
NB: Arena Sao Paolo, Depay and Rojo real faces and tattoos, HD adidas boots, new authentic adboards

Euro 2016
NB: Euro 2016 stadium, Pogba, Hoolahan, Ward, McClean real faces and tattoos; new kits with Euro 2016 badges, HD numbers, new authentic adboards, Pogba 2016 specific boots

Cristiano Ronaldo specific boots for each tournament (2004-2016)

Specific referee kits 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016

Euro 2008 custom wipe

Euro 2012 official EA DLC wipe (thanks to Brothers Workshop)

World Cup 2010 South Africa vuvuzela ambience + new cinematics:

Roman Pavlyuchenko 2008 specific adidas Russia boots

2006-2007 UEFA Champions League

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Starting XI
We have add many of this issues and much more in this months.
And I'm happy to contribute to the full awesomeness of the patch!

EPL season 2008-09

Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo had his last season in Manchester scoring 18. Edwin van der Sar set the world league clean sheet record by not conceding a single goal for 1,311 minutes.

The Reds finished second, with Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard scoring 30 goals together.

Manchester City

The last-minute takeover of the club on transfer deadline-day by Abu-Dhabi group was further capped when the club had beaten Chelsea to the signing of Robinho from Real Madrid for a British record transfer fee of £32.5 million. Robinho would later reveal that he didn't know which team he had signed for. City only managed to finish 10th in their first season with the new owners.

Nicolas Anelka finished as top goalscorer with 19 goals. Didier Drogba famously called the refereeing against Barcelona in UCL "a fucking disgrace".

Andrey Arshavin scored 4 at Anfield against Liverpool, most goals scored by one player in a match that season.

The club set its new transfer record after acquiring Marouane Fellaini for £15 million, finishing 5th with solid performances.

Despite no wins in the first eight league games, Spurs managed to finish 8th after Harry Redknapp took over.

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Starting XI
FIFA 18 faces coming to previous World Cups and European championships thanks to Moddingway and Ariel

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Youth Team
V.K, did you ever find this issue in fifa 14: the color of goalnet will turn dark black in several zoom angles ?

After I put the goalnet hexagon patch, the color of goalnet stay normal throughout the whole match.

below shows the hexagon goalnet in the match

Frequently, I pay attention to the banners of some national teams in default fifa 14 game when I play turnament like world cup. Most countries have generic banners only simply translating the name of that country. You can see "日本国" as the banner for Japan.


Thus, I strongly recommend that you use banners from wc 2014 PS3 version because they look quite realistic for most teams. Take China for exemple, the characters written in the banner like "雄起",I know that words are often used in a dialect in west China. And Spanish team banner writes like "always proud", "the red” something like in English.


Another thing in fifa world cup 2014, there are two national flags at the top centre in the Brazilian official licensed stadiums. The big national flags are related to the top-left picture of the banner texture. I have adjusted many of them because some countries have the wrong position to correctly show their flags over the top. All the banners and edited banners are available.


Starting XI


Yes, I always have this black/grey net issue and the only solution I've found is disabling DOF (depth of field), though the picture quality decreases I think. Could you upload the hexagon net rx3 for testing?

I have seen WC2014 banners, and they are definitely an improvement over vanilla FIFA14 banners, but still not all of them are good enough and they lack details. For example, the Russian banner uses horrible Google translations like "Russia to go" (not even "Go Russia" that I think google would've done.
I use WC2014 banners from Classic Patch as a base, and then replace banners for some teams with custom ones made by myself and other members on top. You can check out my banners in this thread if interested: http://www.soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/vks-16-graphics.180697/

Some custom banner examples:


Also, I never saw the Chinese banners from WC2014 so back in the day I made them on myself based on the photos I'd seen (keeping in mind that the top-left flag can be used alongside the FIFA flag in WC2014):

I did like the feature with national flags in WC2014 stadiums too, but the ones I'm using for some reason only include solid textures. Maybe it was too hard to code:



Youth Team
I will sent the goalnet and pitch files to your email box as soon as possible.

Yes, I find that the postions of national flags in your Brazilian stadiums are fixed. And there is no banner function around audience area or stands.

I will sent those edited stadium rx3 with correct functions

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Starting XI
I will sent the goalnet and pitch files to your email box as soon as possible.

Yes, I find that the postions of national flags in your Brazilian stadiums are fixed. And there is no banner function around audience area or stands.

I will sent those edited stadium rx3 with correct functions

View attachment 2266 View attachment 2267

Please do send in PM or email. But have you noticed that your Maracana also has night lighting during a day match?

I would also like to unlock waving flags in the crows, but from what I understand, it's a bit tricky?


Some face/tattoo screenshots:

Left updated - Right original Classic patch

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Youth Team
I sent several files already to your email box. You may try them when you have leisure time. I feel pleasure to engage in this patch update


Starting XI
More FIFA 18 content fitting in nicely in Classic tournaments
After so many years at the top level it's great to see Ribery getting a scanned face, as well as Mustafi, Martins Indi, Allen, Defour, Robson-Kanu and Bravo.

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Club Supporter
v.k I want to continue helping you and gigiriva with patch ,I´ve made alternative kits for wc 06 that teams really used


Youth Team
It would be great, if someone could make adidas Teamgeist finale 2006, using darxxx texture. Here's the texture, also if we ask for persmission, because he is a greates ball maker, in my opinion. He also made roteiro 2004 for fifa 11.


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