"Shifty and wash's career thread"


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Baptista is a gem. He's a DMC on my game because I don't have any of the roster updates installed (I think he's an AM/F C in the updates), but he is amazing.

Let's just say that when you have him and Sneijder on the bench (as I do), your midfield is pretty good.


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Thanks Ruud! (Y)

Caveneghi, what class, he on a scoring rampage, a smashing 10 goals in 6 games. (Y)

Drogba out for a month with toe injury. :(

Crouch is getting better, and Kezman isn't that good as last season. :(

Just beat Millwall (Promoted, with Leceister, and Derby) 2-0 with Cavenghi getting one. (Y)


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Either I play this game way too much (which is true, I'm known for 12 hour power sessions) or my computer goes a lot faster than yours, I'm at 23 December 2006.

I won the World Club Championship in Japan. Easiest 7.5M i've ever made.

Through 18 EPL games I have 17 wins and 1 draw (at Crystal Palace, it was one of those 1-1 games where I had 30 shots and they had 2). I'm out of the league cup because I played like 7 grey players in my first game and lost it. I drew Bayern in the first knockout stage of the CL, hate knocking them out :(


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I use Euros. Dollars are just stupid because you don't typically see transfer fees reported in dollars. Although sometimes if I play in Mexico I'll use Pesos or something like that.


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Just won the Champions League to cap off the 06-07 season. We won the league with 100 points and the Champions League, but that's it. Adriano scored 39 goals this season, 8 less than last year although he didn't play as much and I'm sure Torres' presence lifted some of the pressure from him.

We made money this year inexplicably because I didn't just go out and spend everything I had because I honestly didn't know how I would improve the squad.

So far here's what I've lined up for the summer. Comming in on a free are Fabrizio Miccoli from Fiorentina and Daniele Bonera from Parma. I'm paying 6.5M euros for Stewart Downing. Leaving is Christiano Ronaldo for 90M euros to Inter and Makelele for free to newly relegated Fiorentina. With the 90M plus what I get from Abromovic I plan on grabing Vicente from Valencia to put opposite of Joaquin on my left wing and hopefully Iker Casillas. I might look for another defender and sell William Gallas because he turns 30 this summer. Later tonight when I finish with the summer transfers I'll post the 07/08 squad.


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Bought Ledley King out of his unprotected contract for 15M. Bought Essien for 19M. Bought van der Meyde for 10.5M to cover the wings.

Here's the 2007/2008 squad.


Nigel de Jong

Julio Baptista
van der Meyde
Stuart Downing

Fernando Torres


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Yeah same here...with that many big-name players to pick only 11 from, some of them are bound to become unhappy.


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No because just about everyone I have signed, I made sure they agreed to be squad rotation players. Everyone on the team is squad rotation and happy, at the worst they just want a bigger contract every now and then. The guys who aren't rotation are of course the studs, Ronaldinho, Adriano, Lampard, and Joaquin.

In terms of youth, well I do agree a little and I've started to think about bringing in some more youth, Cesc Fabregras out at Arse wanted to be an important team player, so I couldn't sign him, but Stuart Downing is a really good player, and there's this 20 year old at Leeds who just got his first two caps for england with a 6M release clause who I'll go after at the end of the season.

Does anyone have a really good tactic? The one I used for the past two years got cracked by the AI :(


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oh come on, you've got to invest in ahmed yahiaou from marseille :( He's a beast of a youth, only about 17 at the start of the game. Might set you back about 10 mill but he's well worth it.

Talking about tactics, i owned in the CL, Premiership and FA Cup with just a simple 4-4-2, with the two wide midfielders making runs to the AMR and AML posistions, with a few alterations in the instructions area.