"Shifty and wash's career thread"


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Splash out the 60 million on Gerrard or Vieira!!!! It's not like you're going to go broke, they'll give you MORE MONEY when you run out!!


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ShiftyPowers said:
Wow dude, my team is so much better in march of my new chelsea game that I play in the little time that I have. I've brought in Rio, Gerrard, Ballack, and Joaquin. I've sold Duff (for 12 million euros plus Rio!!!!! If he accepted the Barcelona contract it would have been straight up for Eto'o), Cole, Gudjohnson, Babayaro, and Cudicini. Oh, and I'm bringing in Podolski at the end of the year (my first purchase, but I wanted him in Cologne for a year).

Figured I'd post this here because where else am I gonna put it?

My Chelsea Team on September 10th, 2005


Ferdinand (H)
Chivu (H)

Gerrard (H)

Sneijder (H)
Ballack (H)
Cristiano Ronaldo (H)
Joaquin (H)

Podolski (H)
Adriano (H)


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Holy sh!t man. :eek:

Here's my squad:

11th December 2004


Asier Del Horno
Glen Johnson
Babayaro :(
Dorsin (H)

Maschareno (H)
Smertin :(

Fillipe Morais
Damien Duff (H)
Joe Cole

Mutu (H)(H)(H)
Kezman (H)


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Planning to Sell and Buy:


Babayaro (Done, 1M, forgot the team)
Smertin (Done, 2.7M, Middlesboroug)
Ferrarra (Not planning to sell anymore)
Mutu (Done, Derpotivo, 17.5M)
Crespo (Done, PSV, around 6.7M)
Tiago (On Loan at Everton, might call him back 'cause they're in relegation)Babayaro (Done, R. Sociedad, 1M)
Cudicini (Man City bid for him 150,000K, Backup for the first team :|, i rejected)


Gerrard (Not going for him)
Alonso (Got him technically, triggered his release clause)
Joaquin (154,000,000M :|, triggered it (H))


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Damien Duff said:
Mutu (Done, Derpotivo, 17.5M)
Tiago (On Loan at Everton, might call him back 'cause they're in relegation)


Liverpool bought Mutu off me for 20M. Tiago went to Atletico for 8M. Gotta hold out for more money!!

The only thing that sucks for me is that I tried to sell Lampard in about a million situations this summer and couldn't get what I wanted for him, so now he hates me. But what could I have done, I had to at least try to swap him for Ronaldinho or get 75M!

Why dont you continue your ManU game Shifty?

I don't know, just not in the mood for some reason. It's not forgotten about though.


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Joaquin for 154 million, sia thats crazy :kader:

I was offered a structured deal of about 51 million, try negotiate a bit more ;)


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Summer of 2006:

Sold Robben for 10M euros....... AND RONALDINHO!!!!!!
Sold Carlton Cole (17M to Man U, idiots)
Sold Wayne Bridge (10M)
Sold Glen Johnson (5.75M)
Sold Michael Ballack (26M)
Sold Petr Cech (16M)

Bought Jan Lastuvka (5M)
Bought Fernando Torres (unprotected for 58M)
Bought Julio Baptista (unprotected for 14.5M)
Bought Peter Crouch (950k, he's the 4th striker in case of injury once I sell Drogba)

Signed Marek Jankulovski for free
Signed David James for free

If you're adding everything up, I'm ahead on the summer in terms of transfer funds!!

Here's the lineup

GK: Lastuvka
DC: Terry
DC: Chivu
DC: Ferdinand
DMC: Gerrard
MC: Lampard
MC: Ronaldinho
AMR: Joaquin
AML: Christiano Ronaldo
SC: Adriano
SC: Fernando Torres

James, Gallas, Huth, Makelele, Geremi, Sneijder, Parker, Podolski, Crouch, and the hopefully soon to be sold Drogba.

Any suggestions? Because I should have maybe 50M to spend.


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If Real stopped being Nazis I would have Casillas. Lastuvka is one of the best in the game, and certainly better than Weise, whom I've never heard of. The only keeper stat of his under 15 is eccentricity!


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Are you crazy man? Sold all those players? :eek:

I got Crouch, I'm going to sell Kezman, Cavenghi (hasn't been great), Forsell, and C Cole is injured for 4 months. So I'll end up with Drogba, Guddie, and Crouch, which whom i'm going to loan out. Cudicini is going out, Johnson out, Makalele out, R. Carvahlio out, Robben out, Jarosik being loaned out so my DM will be Maschareno, Bridge out, got Del Horno, and Dorsin.

Why the hell did you sell Cech?

Could a mod change this to "Shifty and wash's career thread" :$:(


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Cech isn't as good as Lastuvka. After I sent Cech to Arsenal the news report was "Fans happy to see Cech go". So I'm confident I made the right choice.

I bought Nigel de Jong for his min fee release clause of 13.25M euros because his versatility is very important to me when I play a flat back 4. Gotta love a 21 year old insanely talented D RLC.

Scott Parker is the MAN! Gotta love the guy who you can plug into any central midfield hole in case of injuries and never complains. That's why I held onto Geremi for so long too. I think it's amazing that both of us ended up with Crouch too. Weird.

Through 8 EPL games I have won all 8. I couldn't get Vicente from Valencia, who I kind of see as the missing piece in my team, but that's alright. I still have Joaquin and Ronaldo on the wings with a solid czech veteran as cover. Oh, and Adriano has 10 goals and 3 assists in 6 EPL games.

Oh yeah, and I took over the Germany job after WC 2006.


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Shifty, get Ahmed Yahiaoui. Turns into an absolute gem in the centre of midfield. Already decent at the age of 18/19.

Also, what is Baptista like? I've checked him out but never been able to afford him.