SG United 2010 Application Thread


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Welcome! It's time once again for SG United to take on the world's best!

Sign up will be open for two weeks. There's a minimum of 16 participants, maximum is 25. Deadline may be extended within reason if the minimum amount isn’t met.

When the maximum is reached, any further players will be added as 'reserves', they will get a lower CA/PA.

CA/PA and final attribute values will be changed according to selections and forum presence (quality > quantity, but quantity isn't disregarded). No statement will be made about how this is exactly done.


To apply, download THIS Spreadsheet. Fill it in, and email to the address on the final sheet.

If anyone would like a face picture included in the pack, please email it to the same address.


Current squad:

01 - Nor-rbk - GK
02 - Pizarro14 - DR / DMC
03 - Nady - DL / DR
04 - Rpvankasteren DMC / MC
05 - Fender DC / DR
06 - Daz - DC / DMC
07 - Xifio - AML / AMR
08 - Filipower - MC / AMC
09 - Mandieta6 - ST
11 - Prockoop - WBL / ML
12 - Alex - MR / AMR
13 - ShiftyPowers - MC
14 - Zlatan - AMR / AMC
15 - Bybuti - DC / DMC
16 - nigerianmiracle - AMC
17 - Bulgar - ML / ST
18 - Kibe Kru - FC
19 - Theodorakis - DC / MC
21 - Darkvajo - AMR / ST
23 - Jaboldinho - ST / AML
25 - Mus - GK
26 - daS - MR / AMR
29 - Mrromaniac - FC
37 - Bobby - DMC / ST
80 - kkur7 - AML / ST
84 - lmfoust - FC


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Is it just mental attributes? I don't see a spot for a name, number, position, or anything else. I have Office 2007, so not sure what the problem is; I think you're using an earlier version.

EDIT: Nevermind, just noticed the tabs at the bottom.

EDIT2: Done. Looks like we're going to be playing a narrow formation.


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Mandieta6;2840023 said:
Done. I assume stuff like PPM and favourite clubs and **** won't be in this time?

tbh i completely missed off PPMs (H). Favourite clubs etc just too much hassle and end up making players want to leave the club.


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I know games are won in midfield, but that's ridiculous. Someone go be a winger or something.

Not that it will change anything, some of the best players-to-be are all mids.


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Yeah, i adjusted mine to DC/DMC to try even things up a bit. Still want to play down the middle.


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We need a lot of things, actually, but we've only just started and the site's been **** for days. I think Tom will be a striker, too.


Everyone's Favourite Diabetic
If anyone would like a face picture included in the pack, please email it to the same address.


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you bitches I have been waiting for the right chance. And I think it's time to shake those old timers in the starting 11. LOL