SG United 2010 Application Thread


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lmfoust, Pizarro14, nigerianmiracle and daS could you all reply to the emails about issues with what you sent.



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Just noticed this was happening. Hope I can still get in. I'm willing to play any position, so if it seems that I can't fit in the position I've chosen, you can put me where there is need for players. (H) I just desperately want to be in this.


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Well, I haven't played football properly in all my life, so I don't have a favorite position in real life either. All the attributes I tried to take from my floorball game (I play center forward there, by the way, as in 2-1-2, I'm in the center).


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Gonna play like Vieira.

Even with the kicks.

Tom, Nick and I killed teams in 2007. I think we each had 25 goals on my game.

Edit: I love that we have so many D-mids but so few DCs.


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Round-up by positions so far:

01 - Nor-rbk - GK

03 - Nady - DL / DR
05 - Fender DC / DR
06 - Daz - DC / DMC
15 - Bybuti - DC / DMC

37 - Bobby - DMC / ST
04 - Rpvankasteren DMC / MC
08 - Filipower - MC / AMC
13 - ShiftyPowers - MC
16 - nigerianmiracle - AMC

26 - daS - MR / AMR
07 - Xifio - AMR / AML
14 - Zlatan - AMR / AMC
21 - Darkvajo - AMR / ST

84 - lmfoust - FC
29 - Mrromaniac - FC
18 - Kibe Kru - FC
09 - Mandieta6 - ST
23 - Jaboldinho - ST / AML

Defenders and more traditional wingers would be welcome, i'm thinking. Oh, and another keeper.


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Bring back Liam Best.

Super keeper.

Edit: Nady is the only left sided player. Meaning if someone else signs up as a left sided player, they'd be used often by default *hint, hint*.


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^^If they don't sign up they should be added as legends in the game on the club information screen. (H)


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So, 7 strikers, 6 AMCs, 1 keeper and 3 centrebacks. ******* hell.

If the roster remains as unbalanced when we hit 25 I don't mind switching for something else.

Any prospective applicant should realise that we're probably gonna end up playing a narrow formation, meaning the fullbacks are very important. Also, defenders, in general, are a good idea. We don't actually have a pure centreback yet.