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Oh and tits.
Pogba4Now;n6454518 said:
"Guy can't get a starting spot" that's stupid because he plays for Real Madrid where players like James or isco are on the bench.

He played less games than Benzema but still scored more goals. I think he is better than Benzema and I would be thrilled if we signed him. 70 millions however is way too much for a player who has had 1 good season.

He plays as an impact player from the bench for since he broke through and even most of his Juventus career. Didn't improve in that regard at all. If he was better than Benzema he'd start more games than him. He is a good player and unique but yes those are crazy prices.


Oh and tits.
Pogba4Now;n6454529 said:
"guy can't score 20 goals a season" but these stats are more relevant:

He has a better goal per minute ratio than Ronaldo.

How is that stat more relevant than scoring goals?


Make America Great Again
It's definitely the wages. Shattering the wage structure is how we lost Kroos, I don't think they'll do it again unless it's someone really special like Lewandowski was.


Make America Great Again
That's what it was. He saw Gotze making a LOT more money and he wanted to be paid fairly for his role in the squad. The board thought he wasn't very important for that kind of money. Because they are stupid. Pep warned them.


Big, fast, drives with the ball very well (and very often), good 1-on-1, ambidextrous, hard worker. Not very associative player.

Is he linked with Chelsea? I can see him as wing back there, better than Moses and can play on the left as well.