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Those are the Clubscans in relation to my own "Bundesliga Experience" Project. It may include cameras, pitches and other stuff in the near future.
I am aware many ID's are about to collide with some from "International" faces but to keep it polite, i won't care as someone who is going to play with
one of the German clubs of the lower rank won't buy any fernandes, tavares or stuff like that.

I may release single faces if they are wanted by at least some people.

From time to time i'm going to release some "high-pot"-players on twitter. You can check them out my Twitter-Profile:
RoyalBlueSupporter on Twitter
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Here are a few examples of the updates i did throughout the time i haven't post anything in this forum!

Jeremy Dudziak - Hamburger SV

Adrian Fein - Hamburger SV

Dennis Jastrzembski - SC Paderborn 07

Sven Michel - SC Paderborn 07

Josha Vagnoman - Hamburger SV

Christopher Antwi-Adjei - SC Paderborn

Samuel-Kari Fridjonsson - SC Paderborn

Luca Kilian - SC Paderborn

Marlon Ritter - SC Paderborn

Sebastian Vasiliadis - SC Paderborn



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Here is another batch of updates!

Daniel-Heuer Fernandes - Hamburger SV

Khaled Narey - Hamburger SV

Leon Brüggemeier - SC Paderborn

Streli Mamba - SC Paderborn

Leopold Zingerle - SC Paderborn

Mohamed Dräger

Sebastian Schonlau - SC Paderborn

Nassim Boujellab - FC Schalke 04


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Hey, I have problem with face that my friend made for example when i put it on suprs the face look good but when i put it on diffrent team (player that removed from game id) the face not looking good. Any reason why?

Here is the face when i replace spurs player (eric dier)

here the face when i replace removed player from the game id
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Hey @royalbluesupporter I really admire your work and it's a shame that Fifa 16 users like me can't enjoy them in the game. That's why I would like to ask you if there's a slight chance that you send your original head.fbx files and png textures of your faces to @Lagwagon93 so that he could convert them for Fifa 16? Think about it and please let us know, if it's possible or not. Thanks in advance, all the best and enjoy the holiday ;)


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(Update: Lars Lukas Mai - SV Darmstadt 98 - Saison 20/21)

(New: Tanguy Kouassi - FC Bayern München - Saison 20/21)

(New: Jude Bellingham - Borussia Dortmund - Saison 20/21) (EEP-Exclusive)

(New: Florian Wirtz - Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Saison 20/21) (EEP-Exclusive)


Sehr geil einfach deutsche Spieler Faces zu sehen. Super Bellingham! Jetzt weiß ich wo ich ihn bekommen kann.


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I'll have to figure out a way since i only post download-links in my Discord. Since i'm not allowed to share a Link to the Discord-Server (which is understandable in some ways..) i'll look into other solutions to provide working links.


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Hi, splendid work with Fein (i downloaded from discord) but there's something wrong with his hair. Is it possible to sort it out? The face is so great but the hair can be a bit better adjusted i feel.


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I already saw that issue on the latest version i posted. I mismatched the meshes. The haircap is from the basemodel, not the edited one. :D

Edit: I already updated FEIN with the correct meshes! Just download the latest version via the server! ty!
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