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Riesscar’s Modest Mods


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Hi riesscar, please make new EPL winter ball


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hello mate,
I do not want to exaggerate your kindness, if you have time I think to complete your gfx mod a lawn patch pitch more dark would be perfect,please.i saw one for fifa 21 but i don't know if it works for 22 and if so. how to do it


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Huge thanks to @alimps for his contributing a corrected teams table that is - I have learned - necessary for color continuity for things like fan cards and the like.

For those who do not know or care to know how to create a fifamod file with the files I posted, here is a fifamod file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_4AEIcuV-noJoiIZXYN6nsxscKPCeXDQ/view?usp=sharing

In order for the collars, numbers, kit colors, fan card color, etc... to be correct, it is necessary to import the included teamkits and teams tables into your squad file. This is not something I can do for you, as each persons squad file might be different depending on when their career was started.

In order to import the tables, use the following program: https://downloads.fifa-infinity.com/fifa-22/revolution-db-master-22/ Install and open the program, then select 'File/Open Fifa 22'. The folder in which your squad file is stored will be displayed. If you see more than one squad file, sort by date and choose the most recent one Once the squad file is loaded you will see the tables in the left hand column. Select the teamkits table, then click import. Navigate to the included teamkits table and import. Do the same for the teams table. If you have any issues or are in need of clarification, don't hesitate to ask ;)
Can you do that mod for new version after Title Update #3, because it is not working with current version of the game :)


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Hey guys. Sorry for the inactivity this week. I've been ill. I didn't realize a title update was released. I'll update all pertinent files. In the meantime:

Zenit Away (collar 23) and GK (collar 0):

All Textures:

Away: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZJ9mFsvxlSfzC3kvYeXTjxKmpZLp-PIV/view?usp=sharing
GK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SGjtkDqO-sickqv-WWdvSKv9sOYh-csI/view?usp=sharing

Thanks a lot @riesscar and take care of your health. Btw, Dinamo Moscow kits are ready ?


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