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Riesscar’s Modest Mods


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Great! Thanks so much for this... I don't play offline, and this setting makes no difference with FUT squads. Really appreciate the contribution!
happy to help. Awaiting the scarves for Juve and Roma and the squareflags for the 4 Serie A clubs.


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What exactly do you mean by square flags? I don’t think I know of any other flag textures
Squareflags have been introduced in FIFA22. They come under the flags folder only. They are different from normal flags. Uploading the squareflags for Piemonte Calcio here for your reference.


  • squareflag_114153_1_color.png
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  • squareflag_114153_0_color.png
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Youth Team
Greetings! I had to take a hiatus from modding, so I was unable to continue work on the AIO for Fifa 21. I apologize to any who I may have have disappointed, as well as to anyone who reached out and received no response. At the moment I have decent time to mod, but I am going to do things a bit differently this year.

Fifa 22 is different from the past few titles in a number of ways. There are fewer National Teams, and all of those that are in the game are licensed. While many club teams have inaccuracies (missing sponsors and the like), most of the outfield kits are licensed - not the GK kits, though. I mention this because in previous years I have focused primarily on updating unlicensed or outdated kits. This year I will focus on that content which is most desired by the community.

I am capable of creating the following, but if there is something not listed I can always try to learn… so request anything you want and if I can accommodate I will.
  • Kits
  • Match Balls
  • Scoreboard and Watermark Overlays (I am also going to spend a good deal of time trying to create whole broadcast packages, but this will take time)
  • Boots (although not as well as others)
  • Adboards, flags, scarfs, banners etc…

While I am not very good relative to the wealth of talented facemakers we are lucky enough to have, I can also make player faces.

Modding completed thus far:
  • Camera and LOD edits, as well as edits to the ‘inifs’ file to allow for greater graphical fidelity for those with powerful enough systems (higher rendering resolution, full HBAO+, increased shadow map size, better antialiasing, etc…)
  • Kits:
Roma: Home/Away/GK
Atalanta: “
Lazio: “
Juventus: Home/Away/GK/3rd
Inter Milan: updated sponsor on all kits

Generic GK kits updated:

(I chose these simply because I noticed them; but I would like input on which leagues to do first with regard to the shameful number of generic GK kits)
  • Moreirense
  • Forest Green
Note that I will post the textures of all kits referenced above, as well as those I could not add to the game for lack of a third kit slot (all of the Serie A teams’ third kits)
What mods would you like to see most moving forward? Please post your requests and I will then begin to prioritize those which appear with the greatest frequency.

can you share fifa 22 graphic like background/theme, font, etc?


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Staff member
Hi @riesscar , kits request from my side:

Zenit St. Petersburg 21-22 Kits

Dynamo Moscow 21-22 Kits

Thanks in advance :)
By request:

Zenit St. Petersburg Home Kit 21/22 (Collar 12):

* Note that the GK kit and Away will be made. They are both pretty easy to make, so probably tomorrow

All Textures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CzIPK84XMOpKgAF5ogQ6Folgg8WU3u92/view?usp=sharing



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ah you forgot me mate for post fx. anyway thank you for your good work i really like what you do.
You’re right. Sorry about that. I’ll upload within the hour. How powerful is your system? Do your fps ever drop below 60? Just so I can gauge how much to increase the visual fidelity


Senior Squad
You’re right. Sorry about that. I’ll upload within the hour. How powerful is your system? Do your fps ever drop below 60? Just so I can gauge how much to increase the visual fidelity
thank you for taking me my request. graphic card is titan pascal and processor I do not remember any more no never goes below 60 fps