Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures


Senior Squad
I'm looking for a kit and i don't find it. It's the livourno gk:

is someone has made it?


Starting XI
molokodrinker said:
The same request for the treviso gk:

I have use the 'shearch' tool of the forum and I don't find it.

I made the Treviso third kit, which is sometimes used as the goalkeeper kit...

I never made the Lotto goalkeeper design which they also sometimes use.


Youth Team
hi im looking for the lokomotiv moskow front sponsor logo, i probably cant find it cause i dont know what it says :p, maybe someone can help me find it, thanks in advance :ewan:


Starting XI
Sorry mate, your logo is slightly wrong, hope you don't mind me posting a better version?

Cyrillic text logo (this is only used in Russian league matches)

Latin text logo (this is used in european matches)

Also if you are making the Russian league version then you will also need this back sponsor logo which of course is only used in the league and says 'TransCreditBank'