Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures


Here's the Requests Thread:


- post a kit you want people to make for you.
- provide, if possible, logos, sponsors and the actual jersey's pictures.


- if you accept to make a kit for somebody, please post a link here to your Kit's Thread where you're working (or already made) the kit.



Youth Team
Could somebody please make me the Lincoln City away kit, the sponsor is Siemens. The shorts are just white with that stripe down the side and the badge in the corner, and the socks are blue and white.

#1 Stunna

The Alpha Mexican
can someone please make me a Toluca are the pics. (the away is the exact same as the home, except the red is white and the white is red) Thanks in advance.



Club Supporter
Hi could someone please make the colombian national team kit, I've got my version of the kit for fifa 2003 which i think will be the most help rather than a pic, at least that way you can put it into kit raptor 03 and have a look at it from all angles, if anyone wants to take this on please let me know and i'll provide you with some more pics of the badge, sponcer etc....


Youth Team
i'll do the valencia one, well, the home and the goalkeeper...pleb, i will hand you the *.psd, you'll only change the sponsor, and there you go!