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If you can answer my question correctly, the video is yours. If not, you never show your face in this town again.

"I see Blue, He look's _______"

Fill in the blank.


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Johnny_Big said:
In that case...can you host in something like that? I really need it bad, it is an awesome goal.
Rapidshare SUCKS! Use, so much less of a hassle to use. No stupid happy hours, because there are no download limits.
Psyatika said:
Anyone have the goal celebration from Andy Johnson today in the Norwich/Palace match?

Apparenlty Norwich fans have a greater than usual hatred for AJ and were heckling him and calling him a diver, so when he scored the goal he ran to the dugout where a teammate came out and slid in front of him, and then AJ did a "dive" over him! Quality!
Found the video on Holmesdale Online :) The "teammate" is Fitz Hall.


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Can someone please help me out by telling me where I can get a link for Cool Streaming.

Everytime I try to download it, it's corrupt.

Please Help :ewan:


Does anybody know where I can find the Eurogoals show on Eurosport that should have been last monday but in some countries in Europe they showed the US Open? :nape: