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Replays Thread


Senior Squad
hi, im making an adriano compilation video and im in desperate need of clips can ppl post em if u got em please?

i already have the current goal against greece, the skill against valencia and the two goals against werder bremen, but anythin else wud amazing thanks


Youth Team
Hi ive just made a thread concerning the gold cup of concacaf and i'd like to know if anyone has clips of the match between honduras and trinidad and tobago or info as to where i can get some, plZ


Club Supporter
Anyone have the goal from Boateng from Germany's Under 19 squad in the World Championships against Greece?

I heard it was stunning...anyone?



Starting XI
I need to get a replay of Henry's goal today in Austria!

Anyone got a link?

EDIT: Got it from soccerclips.net. They have all pre season goals such as Real Madrid vs. LA Galaxy etc. Well Worth a visit.


I think itd be a good idea to rename this sticky to the Replays/Live Streams thread so when games are on and people cant watch on telly they can post all current links to live video feeds here. Im going to have none to minimal TV access for better part of this entire season, so I thought this could be a good idea for people in similar situations.

Yes? No? Maybe?


Reserve Team
In case a new thread isn't started...

Anyone have the goal celebration from Andy Johnson today in the Norwich/Palace match?

Apparenlty Norwich fans have a greater than usual hatred for AJ and were heckling him and calling him a diver, so when he scored the goal he ran to the dugout where a teammate came out and slid in front of him, and then AJ did a "dive" over him! Quality!


Starting XI
Anyone has Gerrard's goal against Olympiakos last season Champions League match? That one that made 3-1...an absolute rocket.