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umm sorry but nobody have made a detail kit like you...what i mean nobody have make juventus kitpack with different short colour...for example juve home kit that have two type of shorts white and black...and nobody have make juventus green gk kit yet..


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To be honest I've already made first GK for Juve, but when my mate Kędzior made whole kitspack I decided to not continue my Juve but maybe in one day I'll back to them. :)

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Awesome Napoli kits, Pepis! Thank you very much! Is there any difference if you make bumps for them, or we could use some generic ones?
Oh, and if you make white shorts with white socks would be great!


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Diegote;3845641 said:
That Gk patter gave so much trouble!, and you did it beautifully. Very very nice.:clap:
Guys, to install more Gk kits you must
_Have the "Revolution Mod" (get it in fifa-infinity site) installed in your game. MW Patch has it already.
_Put the kit in rx3 file, changing the kit type ID, adding 30 to the ID of the kit that you want to assign a GK to. That means, being Mainz teamID 169, if you wanna add a GK kit assigned to the away kit (kit_169_1_0.rx3 ); you should put the extra gk in a rx3 named kit_169_31_0.rx3
_The same for the rest, to add a third Gk kit put it as kit_169_33_0.rx3
_Then in the file "team_169" placed in Game>data>fifarna>lua folder you can fix collar and so on by adding the assignment "assignkitdetails". Check that on the RM instructions.
Sorry Pepis if that was too long! Cheers!

Excellent post you know how make the same in FIFA13 ?...


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Spidercyb;3847373 said:
Excellent post you know how make the same in FIFA13 ?...
Also with RM. But I think is not automatic. You have to use the "assignGkKit" function to make it work. Check STATEMENTS file in RM13 manual. If you have more doubts post it my thread, so we don't use Pepis'. Cheers.