Pepis' Kits


Starting XI
Stuttgart, read the descripton under my signature ;)
BADpacman, I don't have 2048 res, I made all my kits in standard 1024 res.

Olympique Marseille

Rest: here

Olympique Lyon

Rest: here


Youth Team
That Gk patter gave so much trouble!, and you did it beautifully. Very very nice.:clap:
Guys, to install more Gk kits you must
_Have the "Revolution Mod" (get it in fifa-infinity site) installed in your game. MW Patch has it already.
_Put the kit in rx3 file, changing the kit type ID, adding 30 to the ID of the kit that you want to assign a GK to. That means, being Mainz teamID 169, if you wanna add a GK kit assigned to the away kit (kit_169_1_0.rx3 ); you should put the extra gk in a rx3 named kit_169_31_0.rx3
_The same for the rest, to add a third Gk kit put it as kit_169_33_0.rx3
_Then in the file "team_169" placed in Game>data>fifarna>lua folder you can fix collar and so on by adding the assignment "assignkitdetails". Check that on the RM instructions.
Sorry Pepis if that was too long! Cheers!