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patzor's Boots

Discussion in 'FIFA 16 Adboards, Balls, Boots, Scoreboards, etc F' started by patzor, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Gekko_s

    Gekko_s Youth Team

    Patzor, Can you try this Nike Total 90? :)

  2. Pillowbiter

    Pillowbiter Club Supporter

    Could you pls tell me which model you used for the under armour?
  3. KingBurg

    KingBurg Club Supporter

  4. pao4ever

    pao4ever Starting XI

    so, here's my recolour on the magista models

    Nike Magista II Obra & Opus - Laser Orange/Black/White/Volt "Lock in, Let Loose Pack"



    of course, the credits go exclusively to patzor. many thanks mate!!!
  5. satu

    satu Youth Team

    Nice effort bro. Im not an expert but i think the colour for both magista should be a little bit yellow-ish or orange-ish
  6. Dimitri

    Dimitri Youth Team

  7. pao4ever

    pao4ever Starting XI

    You guys can adopt it according to your taste. This seemed descent to me, so I did it this way. But you can change it the way you like it, of course
  8. Dimitri

    Dimitri Youth Team

    I understand you but I don't know how to recolor boots.
  9. patzor

    patzor Reserve Team

  10. nabo78

    nabo78 Starting XI

    Welcome back mate.
    We really missed you. There are many boots that await you.
  11. patzor

    patzor Reserve Team

    I missed you guys too. Haha. Textures are all over the place at the moment, but I'll get there..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Orzech9905

    Orzech9905 Youth Team

    ask LTH, he did model for nemeziz :D
  13. nabo78

    nabo78 Starting XI

    Welcome back mate!
    I was waiting for you! Tons of new boots/c-ways out (Nemeziz, Puma One, Under Armour, Nike and Adidas packs)! I cant' handle them all.
    Have you seen my attempts to your Magistas? What do you think?
  14. elnino13

    elnino13 Youth Team

    Welcome back mate..
    any plan for Puma One ??
  15. VooEss

    VooEss New Member

    Great work :)
  16. Amany

    Amany New Member

    Any chance of latest adidas ace or Puma one?
  17. FrederickDST19

    FrederickDST19 Club Supporter

  18. patzor

    patzor Reserve Team

    Thanks! Nabo, the magistas are nice :) I'm sorry that I didnt check my PM's earlier so I could give you the PSDs. I'm also apologizing to anyone if you did send me any message and I didnt respond. I was busy for a while but I'll try to get back to this more and more. I'm pretty much done with the x17.1 template so expect that I'll release the x 17.1 version of the ocean and dust storm pack anytime now. I'm also giving the nemeziz a shot as you could see but we'll see how that goes. Some new c-ways of the ua clutchfit force 3.0 are also on their way, so stay tuned I guess. I don't know about the puma one, if no one else is interested in making it, I can give it a shot, but what model should I use? Obviously everyone can make their own version of any boot, but since I've "heard" that some boots are "missing", I'll try to help you guys!
    FrederickDST19 and pao4ever like this.
  19. patzor

    patzor Reserve Team

  20. nabo78

    nabo78 Starting XI

    Wow! Amazing Puma One!

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