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patzor's Boots


Reserve Team


21/22/23 boots can be found on http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/patzors-boots.183779/page-85 and onwards!
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Reserve Team
nabo78;3907475 said:
Looks good...keep it up

Thanks dude.

Here's an update:

I did some overall updates. Still not quite satisfied with it. One problem is that it seems to be impossible to make the studs or the cleats (whatever you call it) in seperate colors, so at the moment they are all white'ish.


Reserve Team
glwdsgx;3907526 said:


I just recolored the phinish's that patrichos ( ? ) made recently. Of course I will ask for permission before I realese them, if I ever get finished, will say.